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Foundations of Calligraphy:
Sheila Waters 2006
  Cynscribe Directory is a resource for calligraphers,lettering artists, papermakers, typographers,graphic designers, paper decorators, scrapbookers, rubberstampers,
greeting card makers,book designers and artist bookmakers.
It also includes suppliers, conferences, exhibitions & events,galleries, guilds,
libraries, museums, and schools.
Current Calligraphy Events 2007

Calligraphy Conferences Exhibits/Online Calligraphy Book Art & Manuscript  Envelope Contest 
Calligraphy Internet Groups  Courses/Studies other Mediums/lessons CD Rom's
Workshops & Retreats Europe classes Online Classes Video's


Calligraphy Conferences come!

2008 - Chicago, Jim Chin,
International Calligraphy Conference
Chicago, Illinois 
July 19-26, 2008

2008 -Findland
13th-19th June 2008
Kankaanpää, Finland

2009 Collegeville, Minnesota
The Calligraphy Connection
Lynn Ohlhorst, Director 
Colleagues of Calligraphy
St. John�s University,Collegeville, Minnesota 

2010 - Boston
Aimee Michaels, Director 
Stonehill College 
Boston, Massachusetts 

Calligo - 2007
Houston Calligraphy Guild Retreat
October 20-21, 2007

Cheerio Calligraphy 2007
September 23-28 Tom Perkins & Gaynor Goffe

Washington Calligraphers Guild
October 5 - 9,2007
In Your own Words with Steve Skaggs is
a 5 day  workshop at the Columbia, MD Art
October. 27 & 28,2007
 Pen-drawn Contemporary Caps / Ann Pope
at the Columbia, MD Art Center
November. 17,2007
Uncials for Christmas with 
Maryanne Grebelstein
at the National Postal Museum
in Wash.,DC
For more info and to download the registration form,
please go to

Harvest Crittenden, Acorn Arts 
2008 Engrossers Master Class with Michael Sull 
Michigan, just north of Ann Arbor 
Info:Harvest Crittenden


Please visit "Prefessional Scribes"
(many are Teachers) or "Guilds"

 Correspondence Courses

Correspondence Courses with
Thomas Ingmire
Scriptorium St.Francis

Free Hand Writing/ Calligraphy in Italy/Monica Dengo
Monica Dengo/Correspondence courses
Correspondence courses/Calligraphy & Handwriting by Mail

Glen Epstein/Uni. of Iowa

Calligraphy Hebrew Correspondence classes/I. Pludwinski

Calligraphy Correspondence courses /Marie Fredriksson - Sweden 

Calligraphy Correspondence Lessons
With Gaynor Goffe

Roehampton University-UKCertificate Calligraphy (Correspondence) 

ONLINE Calligraphy Courses

ACA-Association Calligraphic Arts/Learning Center
A Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination/Åke Eldberg
Beginner Tips/John Stevens
Caledonia Calligraphy/Scotland
Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Calligraphy Alphabets 
Calligraphy Alphabets - Running Bookhand Minuscule
Calligraphy for the Novice/Robert W.Dills
La Capitale Romaine/Roman Capitals/french
Cecil Linda Evans/Artzylady
Chancery Italic/Charles McGavren
Charles McGavren/Online lessons
GothicAlphabet Lessons/C.McGavren
Christopher Smith/online calligraphy lesson/UK

Coracle /Celtic Workshops/A.Meehan

Cyberstudy/CalligraphyOnline Courses

Download images of Alphabet styles/V.Deiss
Elegant Pen/Spencerian Penmanship lessons
English Handwriting 1500-1700/online course
The Evolution of Writing
A Fast Way to Make Hand Lettering Interesting/Charles McGavren
Foundational Hand/Mike Whittington
Free Easy Calligraphy Lessons/pdf

Gothic-Fraktur Sample Alphabet Worksheet/Denis Brown
Italic -Pointed Sample Alphabet Worksheet/Denis Brown

Gutenberg School of Scribes/illumination

"Italic Hand Exemplar" by John Stevens

Italic chart,
which came with a Platignum italic pen 

J.Belsher Italic workbook

Margaret Shepherd/Online Weekly lessons
Guidelines printable/Margaret Shepherd

Manuscript Pen Company/UK//Online lessons
On-line Lesson/Jim Bennett
A Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination/By Åke Eldberg
Pre-printed handwriting-worksheets in 4 styles 
Ray Ritchie/ Creating Calligraphy based designs on the computer
Speedball/Calligraphy lettering charts FREE
You Can Do Calligraphy/J.Bennett
How to Learn Calligraphy by Teresa Cameron /PDF

Scribeworx 101
Speedball Lettering Calligraphy Charts/pdf
Quill Cutting/Regia Anglorum
Vaxxine/Calligraphy online lessons/Foundational hand
W.Thun/Online samples/Teaching charts

Classes,Workshops & Retreats USA
ACA Workshop listings/Calendar
Art Academy of Cincinatti/Calligraphy classes
 Artrepreneur Seminars/Alice Rich
Book Arts/Wells Book Arts Center
Book Arts/List of Calligraphers
Brody Neuenschwander/Italy 2001

Christopher Calderhead, /Modern Manuscript book & calligraphy/NYC
Letter Arts Certificate now offered at Cerritos College,CA
Calligraphy Conferences
Calligraphy Centre/John Stevens
Calligraphy Centre /John Stevens Calligraphy Video demo
Calligraphy Classes at the John C. Campbell Folk School
Calligraphy in Connecticut/Workshops
Calligraphy classes/Debby Reelitz / North Granby ,CT
Calligraphy in all of Orange County/LA,USA
Calligraphy at Vance-Granville,NC
Celtic Art Center/Classes/CA
Charles Pearce/Whishey Spring Studio
Cheerio/Calligraphy Retreat
Cicale Lettering Design/Annie Cicale
Classes to Go/Mootepoints
Cooper Union/NYC
Coracle,Celtic Art /Workshops,Aidan Meehan
Craft Classes/Calligraphy/PA
The Creative Zone/Workshops/Michael Jacobs
Denis Brown/Calligraphy workshops
Dragonsblood & Ahes/NYC

Reggie Ezell's Calligraphy year long class 
Reggie Ezell's New Dimensions in Calligraphy
6-Month Course

Eliza Schulte Holliday/workshops

Gerald Moscato/Engraving Calligraphy Workshops
Gerald Moscato Scribe Designer
Moscato Design Blog
Moscato Wedding calligraphy

GhostRanch/summer calligraphy seminars/ courses

Glen Epstein/Uni. of Iowa
Gloriae Dei Artes Foundation /Peter Thornton

Gocco Printing Workshop/Shu-Ju Wang

Granbury, Texas/Calligraphy workshops/Phil Delucchi/Texas
Handwriting Repair/Kate Gladstone
Hollanders/Ann Arbor,Michigan
Illumination & Guilding/St-Michaels/CT,USA
Jazz Writing Workshops/S.Skaggs
John C. Campbell Folk School
John Stevens/Calligraphy centre
Julian & Sheila Waters � 2007-UK
Julian Waters/Cooper Union
Lettering Art Classes at RAND
Lettering-Design/Debby Reelitz  North Granby ,CT
Mandy Young/Decordova Museum/Classes
New York University/Paul Werner
Otis College of Art/Calligraphy/CA
Palmstone Studio/Calligraphy &Brush painting/Stewart J Thomas/Florida
Pen to Polish/Rob Leuschke
Portland Community College,OR
QuietFire Design /Suzanne Cannon Calligraphy Classes
RandallHasson/Text & Texture/Calligraphy on Canvas
Roann Mathias Workshops
RoseCenter/Bob Spirko

Sacred Art/St-Edmund's/Mystic,CT

Sarandippity/Sara Loesch-Frank
Scriptorium St.Francis/Thomas Ingmire
Smithsonian /intro to Calligraphy
St Michaels Institute of Sacred Art
Washington Calligraphers guild
Waterslettering/Julian Waters
Western Nevada Community College/Calligraphy
Worcester Art Museum/Calligraphy

Calligraphy Workshops & classes

Workshop in Arezzo, Italy
Workshop: Books by Hand 
19-30 October 2007

Please download the pdf at:

Jacqueline Sullivan/Workshop in Italy 2007
Cortona, Italy
October 13 - 20, 2007
Toscana Americana Workshops
�Acrylic Media and Textures... Italian Style�
Workshop in Arezzo, Italy
Workshop: Books by Hand
19-30 October 2007

Please download the pdf at:

UK,Scotland,Ireland/Guilds...more links!
see UK Scribes & Lettering artists

Pen to Printer seminars /UK
The Edward Johnston Foundation 

BoltonCommunity Education /Calligraphy classes/UK

Birmingham Adult Education/UK
or email:Sandra Sandilands
Tel:0121 444 7919 
or 07811 079140.

Brunel University/Uxbridge, Middlesex/Timothy Noad 
Burton Manor College /South Wirral, Cheshire, UK
Caledonia Calligraphy/Scotland
Calligraphy & Lettering/West Dean College/West Sussex,UK
Calligriphity/Uk Calligraphy Videos
CLAS Certificate of Calligraphy/UK
Ditchling Museum & Edward Johnston Foundation/UK/

Ireland :Denis Brown Calligraphy Workshops
Ireland/Calligraphy Course with Elizabeth Ward/The Derrynoid Centre 
Italy:Free Hand Writing/ Calligraphy in Italy 2006 /Monica Dengo

Knuston Hall/Nancy Ouchida-Howells and David Howells
2006 Calligraphy Workshops and Residential Courses/UK

Lancanshire College/Calligraphy lessons
Marlborough  College Summer School-UK
Reigate School of Art & Design/Calligraphy & Heraldry/UK

Talks and Workshops/Margaret Beech/UK
University of Surrey Roehampton/Calligraphy classes/London
BA in Calligraphy
Certificate Calligraphy (Correspondence) 

University of Sunderland:Writing 2007 Symposium 

Wye Valley Arts Centre/UK/Calligraphy
West Dean College/Calligraphy courses/UK
Glasgow College of Building and Printing/Calligraphy


Creative Paper Crafts
Calligraphy for Beginners & improvers
- July 16th-August 5th,2006
Tutor: James Skinner
BEd(Hons), Certificate in Calligraphy and Bookbinding
Marlborough  College Summer School-UK

 click for more links

Comptoir des Ecritures/Paris

Yves Perrousseaux/Links to France Ateliers
Veronique Deiss
Illuminations.Biz/Florence Bremond

Italyclick for more links
BelleLettere /Italy:
Neuenschwander,Brody /Review of workshop
Lettering TOURS/Italy 

Australiaclick for more links
Gemma Black/Australia/Calligraphy Workshops
Cecilia's Lettering Art
Map/Marks & Paper/Workshops
Wood,Dave/Calligraphy Gallery
Lettering Workshops:Calligraphy Society of Victoria 


School District #43, Coquitlam, BC/Bruce Mol
Martin JacksonVancouver,B.C.
Niagara Calligraphy Resource Centre /Guide sheets
Susan Cannon/Quietfire Designs/calligraphy classes
Heather Victoria Held,Ontario
Contemporary Offhand Flourishing

Hollandclick for more links

Japanese & Chinese Calligraphy Workshops
The MG School of Latin Calligraphy/Tokyo Japan
Japanese Calligraphy Instruction/San Jose,CA/ Shodo 
Kampo Cultural Center/NYC
The Nippon Calligraphy Art Institute/Nagoya, Japan.
Hwa Chong (High School) Alumni Association/Singapore
Chinese Calligraphy/Melbourne,Australia
Chinese Calligraphers Association of Hong Kong

Puget Sound Sumi Artists
The 10th Annual All-American Chinese School /2001 exhibition
NYJPW Chinese Calligraphy Tsao Shu and Kai Shu /NYC

Germanyclick for more links
Germany/Peter Unbehauen 

Swedenclick for more links
Sweden/Hans Presto

Switzlerlandclick for more links
Scriptorium am RheinsprungBASEL /Kalligraphie Kurse 2001

SouthAmerica/Spanishclick for more links
Calígrafos de la Cruz del Sur
CATALAN Calligraphy/Joanes Artes

The MG School of Latin Calligraphy/Tokyo Japan

Other Related Mediums/Lessons

Alpha-Buzz/Graceful Bee
Artiology /Collage & Bookbinding Workshops
Arts Workshops/Newark museum
CBBAG Bookbinding-Home Study Programme 2005 
Cheerio/Monique Lallier/Special Book Binding
Chinese Calligraphy/Lessons
Chinese Painting Lessons
Chinese Calligraphy Society of Singapore

Creative Catalyst Productions/Watercolor videos
Creativity Portal
Daniel Smith/Art &Watercolor classes

Gocco Printing/Shu-Ju Wang
Greeting Card Writing:course
Inksmith/Tutorials/Daniel Smith
LearnTo Paint Signs
Making Books/Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord
Perfect Palette/Painting Videos
Online Painting/Windsor & Newton
Online Art courses/Links
Oriental/Brush & Breath/Ottawa
Schools and Universities that offer programs in the arts/Artist 2000 
School of Printing managemnet/RIT
Illustrator-Ressources/Improve your Skills
Women's Studio Workshop

Eight Basic Knotwork Patterns/J. Romilly Allen
Draw Your Own Celtic Knots
Knotwork Classes
Unfolding the Golden Rectangle

Japanese Ink techniques
Scanning large Images
Digital Painting for Beginner
Watercolor Forum & Tips
Painting trees
Creating Monotypes

Windsor Newton/Tips


AHA CalligraphyProducts/Fran Sloan Videos/US
A & F Video/Calligraphy Videos
Basic Calligraphy the Italic Hand/Barry Floyd/Video/UK
Bill Lilly/Script Writing Video/US
Calligriphity/Uk Calligraphy Videos
Brown,Denis/Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill
Donald Jackson/St-John's Bible/Video
The Ultimate Spencerian Penmanship Course
Celtic Knots Videos
 John Weber /Calligraphy 1 
Calligraphy in Sugar/Cake Decorating Video
Calligraphy 1: From Pen to Paper, Beginner Italics
Calligraphy 2: The Elegance of Copperplate
Roland Collection of Films & Videos  on Art

Videos Online Demos of Calligraphy
Brown,Denis/Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill
DeCollibus/LetteringVideo (lefthanded scribe!)
La calligrafia/ Massimo Polello Calligrafo/
Video:La scrittura di Leonardo da Vinci
Peter Unbehauen/Germany

Making Manuscripts Video/Getty Museum


Brown,Denis/Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill

Book of Kells/CD Rom
British library CD Rom's/history
British Library Medieval CD roms
The Sherborne Missal Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM /British Library
The Lindisfarne Gospels Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM
101 Treasures of the British Library CD-ROM
DUCTUS/Paleography CD-ROM/Australia
Octavo/Beatae Mariae ad usum Romanum,1524
Calligraphic Ornaments Clip Art/CD Rom
The Theodore Psalter/Univ. of Illinois CDRom
The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile/University of Sheffield 
Inventory of Insular & Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts
 Norman Ross Publishing Inc./Rare Manuscripts 
The Lindisfarne Gospels  /British library/Seminar

at Amazon/Cynscribe:
Calligraphy 1 :/ Art of Beauty (1995) VHS

Calligraphy 2 : Learn & Earn (1999) VHS
Calligraphic Ornaments Clip Art/CD Rom & Book


The Technique of Raised Gilding $24.95
by Jerry Tresser
$ 6.00/2 OZ BOTTLE

Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill


Johannes A. Muess:
Lettering designs based
on the Roman Model




Nobel Diploma Scribes

The Zapf Scholarship Fund
Zapfino Type used for Cynscribe Logo

The World of Alphabets by Hermann Zapf; CD-ROM
 Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age :Hermann Zap


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