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Cynscribe Directory is a resource for calligraphers,lettering artists, papermakers, typographers,graphic designers, paper decorators, scrapbookers, rubberstampers,
greeting card makers,book designers and artist bookmakers.
It also includes suppliers, conferences, exhibitions & events,galleries, guilds
,libraries, museums, and schools.

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Museums & Mss

The Association for Manuscripts and Archives in Research Collections
Alecto Historical Editions 
Art Galeries in London,UK
The Auchinleck Manuscript /Scotland
BBC History of England
Bede's World/Medieval Museum/Jarrow,UK
Belgravia Gallery /Charity Art
Bodleian Museum /UK
Bodleian Library/UK
Bodleian Library/Images of mss/UK
Book Art/National Library/UK
Book of Kells /images
Book of Kells/Trinity College/Ireland
Book of Kells/CD Rom
Book of Kells CD_Rom/Finns Books
Color Your Own Book of Kells  /Mary Noble
Facsimile of the Book of Kells/Canada
The British Library /UK
British Library/new Galleries of Mss
Manuscript Collections Search tool/BL
British Library Bookshop in St Pancras
British Monarchy
The British Museum
The British Museum Company SHOP
The Cat's Moustache Gallery 
Ditchling Museum/Lettering Today/UK
Domesday Book/Online
Domesday Book/Alecto Editions
Framed & Digitised Domesday extracts
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University
Edward Johnston Foundation
Eleventh-century Anglo-Saxon Glossary
The Exeter Anthology of Old English Poetry
Fifty Treasures from Glasgow University Library
Fitzwilliam Museum-UK/Medieval Coins & Medals
GUTENBERG Bible/The British Library
The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile/University of Sheffield
Inner Temple LibraryUK/4 Illuminated mss,1460
Inventory of Insular & Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts 
Lambeth Palace Library /UK
London Institute
Lindisfarne Gospels/Northumbrian Association
Lindisfarne Gospels/BBC

The Lindisfarne Gospels /Michelle Brown

Lindisfarne Gospels Notecard Set/British Library
Manuscript Collections/BL
Magna Carta/Charter
Magna Carta Text
Museum of London
National Library of Scotland
National Library of Scotland/Digital
The National Library of Wales
National museums of Scotland
Pathways to the Past
Rosetta Stone at British Museum
Royal Academy of Arts
Trinity College Library/Early printed books/Ireland
The United Kingdom Parliament
University of Liverpool Library/Mss
Victoria & Albert Museum /UK
The Virtual Library list of UK Museums 
Westminster Abbey/UK
Wyatt and Tymms/Art of Illuminating

BRITISH LIBRARY Online Bookshop/Postcard packs 
100 Treasures from The British Library/Cd-Rom

"Turning the pages" British Library


Anglo-Saxon Charters
Anglo-Saxon Charters and Writs
Anglo Saxon Chronicle Book
Anglo-Saxon England
BBC History of England/Timelines
British Dragons in History
Celtic Illuminated Manuscriptsl
Collage: Guildhall Art Gallery /London
Digital Library /Scotland/Mss
Medieval History
English CourtHand Alphabet
English Culture/2000 yrs of History
English Heritage
English/Regia Anglorum/Mss
Kings and Queens Through Time/BBC
Life in a Medieval Castle
The Mythical Quest/British library
Roman Britain
Latin Inscriptions/Bill Thayer
Britannia/King Arthur
Bronze Age crafts
Medieval England
Royal Genealogy/Europe
The William Morris Internet Archive
&Notes on the Illuminated Books
 of the Middle Ages 
The Book of Kells
The Arts in Victoria England
Who'sWho in Tudor History
Tudor History
Medieval Architecture in London
Windsor Castle/ as illustrated by Edwardian artists
History of Camelot
Scotland History/BBC Media Museum
Kings & Queens of England, Scotland, Wales
The Art of Ex Libris/bookplate
Ye Olde English Sayings

The UK's best travel links

Smooth Hound's Hotel & Guest House

About Britain
All in London/Art & Craft Directory
Art Galeries in London,UK
Britannia travels
City of York England /UK
Covent Garden Hotels
Enjoy Britain/Castles
London Town
UK Street Maps
UK TravelGuide
The London Guide
Tower of London Tour
Scotland/Clans & Castles
Scotland/Internet Guide
Scotland/Thrifty Tour
St-Andrews Tour/Scotland
Visit London
 Data Wales
Information Britain
Information museums
Pictures of England
Welcome Cottages

Specializes in Calligraphy books & supplies
Letter Arts Review

Magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists,
reflects the highest caliber of work
from every corner of the world

Bound & Lettered (formerly Tabellae Ansatae)

Foundations of Calligraphy:
Sheila Waters 2006

The Technique of Raised Gilding
by Jerry Tresser

Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill


Johannes A. Muess:
Lettering designs based
on the Roman Model




Book Arts/Calligrapher list
Nobel Diploma Scribes


 Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age :Hermann Zapf


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