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The Technique of Raised Gilding $24.95
by Jerry Tresser



Denis Brown-QuillSkill
S W O R D S M A N S H I P-
Calligraphic Art by Denis Brown



The full range of Denis Brown's outstanding calligraphy is presented together:
hundreds of high quality images including enlargements to actual size or bigger,
plus the artist's personal commentary, anecdotes and in-depth analyses.

CD-ROM for PC and Macintosh
/Ireland/CD Rom

artist's books,bookbinding and books for kids
Johannes A. Muess:
Lettering designs based
on the Roman Model


Wooden Dip Pen Set from Cavallini & Company/Italy

Calligraphy Guidelines generator FREE/Scribblers 

Printable Guideline Sheets 
by Margaret Shepherd 
Magazines & Journals /links

 Letter Arts Review

Magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists,
reflects the highest caliber of work from every corner of the world
Tabellae  Ansatae

Tabellae Ansatae is a quarterly publication on calligraphy, 
artist's books,bookbinding and books for kids

Somerset Studios /Magazine

Coracle Celtic Art Magazine/A.Meehan

Codici 1 /Thomas Ingmire

La Operina/Italy/Magazine

Expression Art Magazine
Letters & Letters Magazine/Dutch
The Edge/CLAS journal/UK
ACA/The Newsletter
Australian Paper Arts Magazine
Artella Magazine
Crafts Beautiful/UK
Paper Craft Magazine
The Pastel Journal 
The Penman's Journal/IAMPETH
Pen People Magazine /UK

Penworld Magazine

Pen and Print: The Legacy of Edward Johnston 1906-2006 

Cre 8 it/Now what?
The Muse

Specialty-Calligraphy Books & Supplies

F.W. Tamblyn's Home Instructor
in Penmanship
(When ordering mention Cynscribe )Merci!!

John Neal Bookseller
Specializes in Calligraphy books & supplies

Paper & Ink ARTS/MailOrder
catalog for calligraphy supplies

 "Formal Brush Writing"Tom Kemp

"The Painted Word"/Dave Wood /Gallery

ABC Zig Marker Book
British Library Publishing/UK/online
Calligraphity/Books & Videos/UK
Calligraphed Books/Shepheard-Walwyn/UK
Celtic Alphabets/A.Meehan
Colophon/Modern Illustrated Books
Tapestry/Cotton canvas book cover/Cynscribe
Cynscribe Amazon/Books by  Dr.Michele Brown
QuillSkill/Denis Brown CD Rom
Hamilton Books/Calligraphy
Rockport Publishers/Calligraphy & Weddings
Harvey,Sandra Scavuzzo 
book:Keeping it simple,Calligraphy kit

Alibris/Hard to find books/SALE
Amazon & Cynscribe
The Creative Zone/Artist Books
Babbitt'sBooks/Rare book search
Bartlett's Books Online Search
BiblioCity/Rare Books
DealPilot/Compare Book prices
Dover BookShop/UK
Graphic Artists Guild Handbook:
 Pricing & Ethical Guidelines
Hamilton Books
ISBN/Comparison/search/out-of-print books
Minsky Online
PostaPrint/Antique Maps & books/UK
Project Gutenberg/Digital/Search
Rockport Publishers/Calligraphy & Weddings
Vive La Plume/Books Calligraphy

Book Arts Links

List of Books/B.Lee
John Stewart Gallery/booklist
BookArts Directory
Book Arts-L/Search,Query
BooksOnline Bartleby Library
Quotes on Books
Book Information Center
BookArt Links/Univ. Iowa
BookArts Web/Links
Your Own Story Books /Create yours
Ziller Books & Supplies

American Frame
Chartpak Touch-Up Marker Set
   for Picture Frames 
Cool frames/for PC!Computer Candy
Dick Blick/Framing supplies
Exposures/Shadow boxes
Frame a Name/K & Company
Frame A Memory
Frame Fit/Custom Picture frames
Frames by Mail
Framing kits & Templates/Time & Again
French Pleated Frame /Dick Blick
Glass frames/Art of Venice
Heavy Paper Certificate Frames
Framing Supplies/F.W.Holroyd/UK
Framing Supplies/Global list/Art-EStore
Martha Stewart Wooden Family-Tree Frame
Paper Direct/Frames & Plaques/for certificates
Picture Frames/Graphik Dimensions Ltd
Quality Quotes/Clear Calligraphy frame
Oak4u/Handmade oak frames & Calligraphy
Oval Frames /Dick Blick

20th Century Plastic/Albums & Frames/Archival
Century Photo/Frames

Action Envelopes
Announcemnet Converters/Envelopes
APEC/American Printing and Envelope
Creative Papers Online/handmade envelopes
Crystal Clear COLORED Envelopes
Envelope/Box Templates
Envelopes/Crystal Clear w/Re-Sealable Tabs

Envelope Express/Invitation envelopes

Envelopes/Jam Paper/NYC
Envelope Mall/Gold/Miniature/Vellum/Kraft 
Envelope and Letter Folding
Etching Products/Armour Glass Etching kits
EXACLAIR, /sophisticated stationery 
Holiday Coordinating Crescent Envelopes
Translucent Vellum Envelopes/Marco Paper
Translucent Vellum Envelopes/ArtPaper
Translucent Vellum Envelopes/EnvelopeMall
William House Envelopes

Other Related Tools
or Cynscribe links/click here
Accu-Cut products/die-cuts
Acid Free Storage Boxes
Acorn Planet/Chinese ink Stones
Address Labels/More than Paper
Calligraphy Style Labels in Box, Set/500
Adhesive/Acid Free Glue Dots
Adhesive glue PVA/Pagefolds
Adhesive/Sticky Dots
Perfect Paper Adhesive TM
Adhesive Quotations/Stampington
Adhesives/Zig 2-Way Glue/Chisel Tip
Agate Burnishers/Lotus Art
Agate Burnishers/Easy leaf
Alphabet Stickers/K & Company
Alphabets/Lettering Templates/Deja News
Amodex Stain Remover Kit
Antonia Campi large scissors
Archival Papers/Cardstocks
Art cases/totes,portfolios,brush holders/BagWorks
Art Deckle
Art Accents/products
Arts & Crafts Essentials/Stampington
ARTOGRAPH Design Master II Projector
Aqua-dot Red-Eye Pen 
Authentic Models/Writing Instruments
American Art Clay Co. Inc. (AMACO) 

Asian Transparent Art Seals
Atelier Gargoyle/W.Dunham/Seals & Wax
Beads/Eclectic etc.
BeadRoom/Czech Glass
Bone Folder/VolcanoBookArts
Bone Folder/Horn Folder
Bonnie's Best Art Tools 
Bookbinding Supplies/PageFolds
BookMark Sleeves/Hang Tabs
Bottle Sealing Wax
Boxes & Bows/S.Walter Packaging corp.
Brass Stencils/links & more
Buttons,charms & tassels/On the fringe
Kolinsky sable Brushes 
Business card cases/engraved
Business card Holders/Netique

Calligraphy gifts:Somerset Studio/The Shoppe

Calligraphic Ornaments Clip Art/
CD Rom & Book $8.95 

Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Guidelines calligraphy/GRIDZ/B.Kintner
Calligraphy Guidelines for MAC/iPlummet
Guidelines printable/Margaret Shepherd

Calligraphic Calendar/Glen Epstein
Calligraphic Calendar/Renee Locks
Calligraphic Calendar/Susan Loy
Calligraphic Calendars/Teri Martin
Calligraphic Greeting Cards
Calendar/Katharina Pieper
2004 CalligraphicCalendars /Printery House

2003 CalligraphicDesk Calendar 
/Maura Nolan Winkler/calligrapher
 Medieval Calendar/Hill Monastic

2004 CalligraphyCalendar/Lisa Engelbrecht

ChristmasAdvent Calendar /M.Sheppard
Paper People/Calligraphy pads/UK
Calligraphy Traveler's Chest
Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Calligraphy Guidelines�/manuscripts & envelopes

The Card Rack/Think Ink
Card Scorer/Perfect Score
Black Linen Certificate Folder
Blank Greeting cards/UK Craft Creations
Blank Cards/Keysan
Blank Invitations Kits/ Supplies
Blank card stock & albums/Impressionables
Heavy Paper Certificate Frames
18 pre-cut specialty cards/$6.00

Bone Folder/SDK Distributors

Certificates & Awards Links
C thru Ruler
Classic Letter Seals/Sensia/Freund - Mayer 

Clear Acrylic Bridge/Daniel Smith
ClearBags/for cards, artwork etc.
Clear-topped Notecard boxes
 CoilConnection/spiral coil binding
Collage Catalog/fine papers & albums
Cole's Rubber Stamps/Supplies sale 
Colorizer� Wand
Copper Foil Tape/Stampington
Craft Fair UK
Craft Resources on the Web
Craft Supplies/Links
Creative Banners
Creative Paperclay®
Crystal Clear Envelopes/Marco Paper
Crystal Clear Bags,Card jackets/Canada
Decoupage Supplies
Die Cuts/boxes/cards/env/Stamp this!
Dove Blender Pen
Drawing Board Easel with Plexiglass Surface
Dry Erase & Cork Boards
Aero-Core Drawing Board 20x26
Krystal View Desk Pads
Howard Imprinter
"It's Perfectly Clear!�" Desk Pad
Easels Direct
Easel Direct/Wooden Bifold Easel 
Easels/Tabletop/Lewis & Clark Antiques
Sidekick Easel /Artograph
Easy Leaf Products/genuine Gold leaf 
Embossers & Seals/Cannizzaro Seal & Engraving Co
Embossing supplies/stamping/Miller Pads & Paper
Wizard Die Cut Embossing System/Spellbinders

Engraver-Inscriblio-Cynscribe Amazon
Engraving Calligraphy Workshops/Gerald Moscato/
Engraving tools/Inscriblio/Scrapbook 101$7.99 
Engraving tool/12V ROTARY ENGRAVER 
GROBET industrial Vibro-Engraver 
Dremel Engravers tool #290 
Magic Wand Engraver/Stampington
Eraser Pen
Eyelets/Creative Zoo
Christmas Eyelets
Eyelets/Stamp this
Eyelet cases/Lee Valley
Family Trees/Cynscribe links
FancifulsInc/Brass embellishments
Faux Vintage Postal Stickers/Kitty
Fiskars/Crafts projects tools
Fiskars Shape Cutter Starter 1
Foil/Gold/Silver at HYGLOSS
Foil/Art Emboss metal foil paper
Foil/Printable Shaped Foil Seals/Paper Direct
Foil paper/Stampfolk
Foil Rolls : Metallic

Folk Art Crackle Medium
Air-Dry PermEnamel� Tile and Glass Paint
Glass Etching Supplies /Armour
Glue Dots/Acid Free
Glues/This to That
Gocco Official site
Gocco Printer/Think Ink
Gold leaf/EasyLeaf
Gold-Vault/Composition Gold Leaf

Lazertran/tracing paper
Leo Uhlfelder Co./Gold Leaf Products/New York
G&S Dye/NaturalFabrics
Gift Boxes
Gilding& Gold leafing / Supplies
Gingher® Sharpening Stone
Golden Quill
Guidelines generator FREE/Scribblers 
Guide lines/Transparent Underliners /Dick Blick
Guilding & Gold Leaf /Talas-NYC
The Gold Leaf/gilded name plates 
23k Gold Watercolor/Japanese
Graph Paper Printer by Phillippe Marquis
Print Free Graph Paper

Gum Arabic Powder/UsArtQuest
Hand-engraved signet rings & seals/Carl W. Lemke 
Heat'n'boss/Heat tool stand
Heat Resistant Transparency sheets
Historic Quill & Document Co.
Hold Everything
Journals & Albums/K.Schweizer
Kalligrafie & Kartonnage/Holland/Supplies
Kanji Collection Stickers - 24 stickers
KatTrax Kewl Tool
Brown,Ken/Calligraphy &Engraving
Kreate-a-lope® Envelope Maker
Kreative Kanvas
Krylon Mystique Aerosol/Webbing Spray /Marco's
Lick & Stick� Remoistenable Envelope Glue

Lightboxes/Light tables/Dick Blick
Artograph Lightboxes
LightTracerIIDesigners/Light Box
ThinLight/Gagne Inc
LightTables/Gagne Inc
Light Tables/Gagne/HSN
Porta-Trace Lightboxes /AOE Art Supply
Potra-Trace Lightbox/SALE
Porta-Trace® Light Box/McCallister's Art Supplies

Letter Seals/K & Company( click "More")
Magic Leaf/Fimozone
Melbourne Etching Supplies
Niji Waterbrushes
Oriental Art supplies/Dancing Brush
Ott-Lite True Color Lighting 
The Oval Cropper/Fiskars

Genuine Sheepskin Parchment/Rose & chalice
Parchment skins,goat,deer calfskins/Pergamena/NY
Parchment & Vellum skins/Talas/NYC
Parchment/Goat Skins/Henk de Groot/Holland
NASCO's Calligraphic Parchment paper

PageFolds/Bookbinding supplies
PapertrailAntiques/ Inkwells
Pen & Brush Rest
Pen and Pencil Grips/Theraproducts
"Perfect Score" Card Scorer
Pergamena Handmade Parchment /NY

Place cards/Color by Design
Place Cards & Calligraphy favors/SouthBeach
PlaceCards&FavorFrames/Beverly Clark
Placecard holders/Weddings by Dezign
Polymer Clay Links/Glass Attic
Polymer Clay Resources
Polymer Clay Supplies/Quintessentials
PolyShrink/Lucky Squirrel
Pop-Up/Some Assembly Required!
Oversized Portfolios /flat storage
Precision Art Board
Really Reasonable Ribbons
"Reflections"/Lettering guide-liness
Ribbons/JMK Ribbons & Trim
Ribbons/Raffia/gold cord/Creative Papers Online
Ribbons/Wr Display/Petite Sheer Ribbon 
Cream City Ribbon/customized
Rollabind System
Ross Art Paste/Dick Blick
Rubberstamps & Crafts Supplies /Links
Rub-on Transfers/Sayings Tue Expressions
Rub On tranfers/Plaid
Rub 'n Buff® and Brush 'n Leaf®/AMACO
Rub 'n Buff®  Colors/Fimozone
Ken Brown Calligraphy Transcripts/Plaid
Transfers/Lettering/Instant Expressions
Schmincke/metallic powder
Scompas� /drafting compass
Scoring/"Perfect Score" Card Scorer
Scrolls/Blank "Messenger" Scroll
Scroll paper/Artistico Roll/Talas
CHOPA/Supplies/Blank scroll paper
Downloadable Scroll Template
Signs of Wood 
Soapstone Marker
Speedball/Stamping kits
Speedball/Calligraphy lettering charts FREE
Speedball Textbook
Sponges/Miracle Compressed/stencilling
Steel Letters stamping set/Somerset Studio
Stencils links
Stencils/Celtic & More
Stencil Library/Quotes & Proverbs
Designer Stencils/US
Sumi-e Board & Brushes/Magic Paper
Sumi-E set/Brushes & Inks
Sumi-e Sets/Natasha's Cafe/
Templates for Lettering/lines/ Journaling
Lettering templates/Paper Daisy
Lettering stencils/Say What?
Tiny Tracers/Accucut
Tips,Tools & Talk/Daniel Smith

Transfers/Lettering/True Expressions
Transfers/Lettering/Instant Expressions
Transfers/Judy Melvin Calligraphic Stickers
Transfers/Monochromatic kits
Transcripts/Ken Brown Calligraphy

T-Shirts Designs by John Stevens/Cheerio
T-Shirt Shopper/ Links
Special Edition T-shirt from Somerset Studio
Underliners� /Calligraphy Guidelines
Unfinished Wooden Bowls
Unfinished Wooden Plates
Victorian/Wax seal/Embosser
Vellum & Parchment/Bookmakers
Vellum/Rick Casavin /  Email
Vellum/paper& envelopes
Vellum Enveloppes/Stampandgo
Vellum & Parchment/Stern Tanning Co.
Goatskin & Parchment/Talas/NYC
Vellum Sheer Heaven(mention Cynscribe,merci!)
Vellum Stationery, Cards, and Envelopes /Dick Blick
Washi Egg Kit 
Wine Labels for Collages
Watercolor Postcard Books
Wood & Leather Lap Desk/Flaxart
Fine Fabriano Blank Watercolor Postcards
Western Calligraphy Brushes
Assorted Wood Boxes /Somerset
Writing Boards/T.Johnson
X-Height Calculator/Scribblers
XYRON 510 Craft Machine/Martha Stewart


Powdered Pigments
Createx Pure Pigments

Guerra Paint & Pigments/NYC
Kama Pigments/Online Catalog

Kama Pigments/Montreal,Quebec
Kremer Pigmente
Powdered Pearls/100% pure mica pigments 
Magical Faerie Dust
/iridescent TWO-TONED pearlized pigment
Moon Glow pigments/Just Jhone

Perfect Pearls Pigments
Powdered Pigments Product Review
Sinopia /Pigments &Gilding Materials
Schmincke/metallic powder
Schmincke/Tro-Col metallic powder
Schmincke Retailers

Talas NYC/pigments,inks & paints

Twinrocker pigments

Sealing WAX & Seals

Asian Transparent Art Seals
Atelier Gargoyle/W.Dunham/Seals & Wax
The Attic/Seals & wax
Bendable Art/adhesive pewter seals
California PaperGoods/sealing wax
Capricorns Lair/Wax & Seals/
Carl W. Lemke -Signet Ring
Celtic Attic/Celtic Cross Wax Seal
Classic Letter Seals/Sensia/Freund - Mayer 
Custom made Seals-Scribe's Delight
Dorway Publications/wax & seals
Embossers & Seals/Cannizzaro Seal & Engraving Co
Embossed Seals/Business Greetings Central
Excalibor Seals
Faux Wax/Attic Albums
Foil/Printable Shaped Foil Seals
Gilding paste for seals/The AtticSpecial $9.50

Hand-engraved signet rings & seals/Signet Ring
His Nibs/Faux wax seals
Initial Seals/Nostalgic Impressions
Laser-Printable Clear Seals
Letter Seals & sealing wax/The Attic
Living Victorian Gift Shop/waxseals,embossers 
Micro Torch /for burning sealing wax
Murano Glass Seal Handles
Name Seals/Good Characters
Notarial Seals /PaperAccess
Nostaligic Impressions/Sealing wax
PaperDirect/Certificates Templates & Seals
Pewter Stickers/Somerset Studio
Quincy Shop/Calligraphy set & Wax
Scribes Delight/Murano Glass Handle-Seals & unbreakable wax

Seal/ Classic Gold Clips
Seal Wax Designer- Gold Swirl.
Seals for Certificates/Stationary Paperdirect
Sealing Wax/The Design Station /UK
Sealing Wax/NostalgicImpressions
Sealing Wax ink Pads& Beads/Attic
Sealing Wax Sets/Van Cort
Silver Wax Melting Spoons 
Sealing Wax/PaperAlchemy/UK
Self Adhesive Seals/Natural Impressions
Cone & Twist Wax

Swordmark/Brass Seals
Tri Seal /miniature 3 in 1/Attic
Venetian Glass Handle Wax Seal
Victorian Seals
Waxart/Encaustic /UK
Waxent/Imitation Replica Wax Seal
Wax and Ink Stamps/AladinE/
Wax Seal  Alcohol Burner Set
Wax Seal Specials/English Faire
Wax Seals/Swordmark
WaxSeals/Design Station UK

Atelier Gargoyle/W.Dunham/Seals & Wax

Art & calligraphy Distributors
AbsoluteArt/Art News around the world
All Posters

Alphabetica Artists/Galleries
Alphabets & Numbers/Prints
American Print Alliance (US & Canada)
An Elegant Hand/Penmanship book
Art Atlas
ART.com/art samples archive
Art Fest
Artisan Arts OnlineTM/African American 
Artist Bank
Art on the Net
Art on Web
ArtToCanvas: Genuine TruCanvas Transfers
B17.COM/Art Galore
BIG Gallery
British Library Reproductions
Buy Original Art
C 2F Distributor/Art/Calligraphy
DeckleEdge/Digital Fine Art Prints
Dscriptorium (digital images)
Edinburgh Printmakers
Fine Art Galleries
Fine Art Consultants/Suzy Locke and Associates 
Gallery Sites
Global Gallery
the Heaton Cooper Studio/UK
Jan Collier Represents
Sausalito Local Art
Internet Art Database
Internet  for the Fine Arts
Isabel Art Gallery ®/Paris 
Fine Art Oil Painting Reproductions,
The I Spot/world's top illustrators
Michel Kisinis /ART LINKS
Museum Shops Online/Yahoo
Oh My Word Calligraphy/Gallery
PaperMatch Gallery/Antique prints
Pegasus Art Gallery/80 artists
Pick and Print Gallery 
QuillSkill/Denis Brown/CD Rom
Screensavers Pastepaper/Cecilia
Shepheard-Walwyn Publishers/Handwritten/UK
Staples Fine Art /giclee printmaking
Steamlined/Nostalgic Posters
Tapestries & More
Vellum Gallery
WebWorl/Art Galleries
World Printmakers
World Wide Art Resourses/Classified Ads
What is an original print?
Your Art Links

USA Postal Codes
Canada/USA Postal Codes

Copyright Info
Australian Copyright
Authors Registry
The Conference on Fair Use
Copyright Clearance Center
Copyrights Explained & Myths/B.Templeton
Copyright & Fair Use/Stanford Unv.
Copyright Myths/Internet
Copyright Office/Library of Congress
The Copyright website
Essays and books on Copyrights
Fair Use and Multimedia
Hot Property
Ivan Hoffman/Lawyer/Articles
Protect your Artwork/Digimarc
Rights for Artists
United States Copyright Office
What is Copyright?
Writers, Artists, and their Copyright Holders (WATCH)

Computer & Copiers/ Ink CartridgesRefills

VISIT my "Paper Suppliers page"

FREE HP greeting card paper /US only
send in your online coupon/email before March 7th!!!! 
Arches® Watercolor Rolls
Arches Watercolor paper/Daniel Smith
Arnold Grummer/Easy Papermaking kits
Art Emboss metal foil paper
Art Paper Rolls /Dick Blick
Bags/Paper/WR Display
Basel Paper Mill & Museum

Bienfang Calligraphy Parchment Paper

Bravissimo Paper 
Bright White Paper Co/Poster paper
Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Calligraphy Pads/UK/Paper People
Calligraphy Practice Pads/Dick Blick
Cards, Greeting Cards, and Postcards /Dick Blick
Canson & Arches Paper
Canson Watercolor Greeting Cards and Postcards 

ClearBags/archival envelopes/ImageImpact
Clear Plastic Packaging boxes/Bartmanet
Clear Plastic Notecard Boxes
Craft Creations/UK
Embossed color paper/PaperZone
Hahnemühle BugraPastel Paper 
Japanese PaperPlace/Toronto,Canada
Au Papier Japonais/Montreal,Canada
Kinsella Art Papers
Marco�s Paper Products
My own  labels/for favors/wine gifts
Paper Direct/Certificate Templates Software 2002 
Paper Direct/Layered Invitations
Paper & Ink ARTS/MailOrder
Paper Flair� scored white cards
Heavy Paper Certificate Frames
Papers & Surfaces /UK
Papyrus Paper/Time to stamp
Papyrus Art Kits /PaperTrail

Parchment & Vellum/Book Makers Catalog
Parchment/Goat Skins/Henk de Groot/Holland
Parchment & Vellum/Stern Tanning Co.
Chandal Skin Parchment/US Artquest
Genuine Sheepskin Parchment/Rose & Chalice
Parchment skins,goat,deer calfskins/Pergamena/NY
Parchment & Vellum skins/Talas/NYC
Parchment /Vellum /Stern Tanning Co.

Postcards/Blank/Standard & Jumbo/Paperdirect
Poster Printer Supply 
Quality Quotes/Custom stamps & Scrapbook kits
Rag & Bone Bindery
Saral "Wax Free" Transfer Paper /Dick Blick
Scrolls/Blank "Messenger" Scroll
Scroll paper/Artistico Roll/Talas
SKIN Vellum/Parchment/UsArtQuest
Stonehenge/Daniel Smith
Strathmore Artist Papers
Strathmore Artagain Pads/Black paper/Dick Blick
Translucent adhesive Vellum
Twinrocker Handmade paper
Anti-Vellum Sheer Heaven
CHOPA/Supplies/Blank scroll paper

Bruynzeel Fullcolor Pencil set (Holland)
Bruynzeel Fullcolor Pencil set (Holland)/Marco's
Caran d'Ache Pablo Pencils (Swiss)
Createacolor Wooden set/Jinni Bick
Colored Pencil Techniques/Inksmith
Col-Erase® Pencils with Erasers/Sanford,USA
Col-Erase® Pencils with Erasers/Sanford,UK
Colour Shaper
Derwent Artist Pencils
Discount Art/Drawing supplies
Faber-Castell Polychromos (Germany)
Faber Castell/SALE at Rexart
Ferby Triangular Colored Pencils
Grip-Tec Pencils/TheraProducts
Jerry's Catalog/Colored Pencils
Lyra Rembrandt PolyPencil
Mirado Black Warrior pencil/Sanford
Mirado Black Warrior pencil/Sanford/SALE
Pastel pencils/Dakota Pastels
The Pencil Pages
Pencil History
The Pencil Place/Collectors
Prismacolor Professional Art Products
Sanford Berol/History Pencils/UK
Metallic Pencils & Crayons/M.Stewart
Texture Templates/shading/Creative Mode
Various Techniques/Colored Pencils
Yoropen Pens and Pencils
The American Pencil Collectors Society
Colored Pencil Society of America
Cynscribe at AMAZON 
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 A Bride's Guide to Simple Calligraphy
by Bette Matthews $15.40

by Marc Friedland, Betty Goodwin

Medieval Calligraphy 
Its History and Technique
by Marc Drogin


United Kingdom

Pen Calligraphy/VHS
by Fran Sloan 

Better Handwriting
(Teach Yourself Series)
 by Rosemary Sassoon,
 Gunnlaugur S. E. Briem

Brush Lettering
An Instructional Manual of
Western Brush Calligraphy
by Marilyn Reaves, Eliza Schulte

Art Supplies USA
All Art Supplies
Alpine Import Craft supplies
AOE Art Supply
Ampersand Art Supply/"Clayboard"
Amsterdam Art/Berkeley,CA
Archival Products
Archival Suppliers
Archival Supplier/Staples Fine Art
Art By Star 
Art Store/NYC
Art Innovations
Artist Craftsman Online
Art on the web
Art Stuff
Art Supplies Direct
Art Supplies Online
Art Xpress Online
Asel Art Supplies
ASW Express/Art Supply Warehouse
Black Horse Art Supplies/Burlington,VT
Bonnie's Best ArtTools
Cameo Silhouette Paint Pens
Cheap Joes Art Stuff
Continental Art Supplies
Crafts ETC.
Craft Liquidators
Craftworks Unlimited/SALE
Create for Less
Daniel Smith/Art supplies/Museums
Deco Art
Dharmat/Textile Paints & Supplies
Dick Blick Art Supplies
Discount Art Supplies
DixieArt Supplies
Dolphin papers & Art Supplies
Du-All Art Supplies
Fabric Paint
Flaxart Supplies
Graphic Art Supplies/DDuck,CA

Guerra Paint & Pigments/NYC
In2Art (discount)
Italian Art Store Online

Jerry's Artarama
Jerry�s Catalog
John Neal
Calligraphy books & supplies
Kremer Pigmente/
Liquitex/Fabric Paints
Lotus Fine Art Supplies
Martin F. Weber Co.

Master Graphics/drafting
Michaels/Arts & Crafts
Millers Artist Supplies
MisterArt/Online Discount
Meininger Art supplies
MyPaint/Discount Art supplies
My Art Materials
New York Central Art Supply
Nova Color Artists' Acrylic Paint
Oriental Calligraphy/Chopa
Oriental Art Supplies (OAS)
Paper & Ink Arts
Phoenix Art Supply 
Plaid Online
Plaid Products/Dick Blick
Plume n Feathers
QuincyShop/Art supplies
Rainy Day Art Supply Co
SavoirFaire Art Supplies/Sennelier
Schmooze with Suze/Embossing Supplies
Somerset Studio/Stampington & Co.
Studio Products
Swalef & Son/Quills & Feathers
Talas/Archival supplies/NYC
TheraProducts/Grip-tec/Writing tools
TSquare art Supplies/MI
US Art Quest
Utrecht Art
Visual Artistic Paints Ltd.
WholeSale Art Supply
Windsor & Newton Art supplies

Canada Art supplies
Art Supplies Direct/CANADA
Behnsen Graphic Art Supplies/CANADA
British Blue Print /Montreal/Canada
Colours Art & Drafting Supply 
Currys Art Store/Toronto/Canada
Japanese PaperPlace/Toronto,Canada
Au Papier Japonais/Montreal,Canada
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Canada
Kensington Art Supply,Calgary
Loomis & Toles/Canada
Mona Lisa Artists' Materials/Caagary
Omer DeSerres/Montreal,Canada
Opus Framing & Art Supplies

The Paint Spot/Edmonton,AB
PeterRempel Poster Pens/Canada
Stockade/Wood & Craft supplies/Canada
Swinton's Art Supplies/Calgary,Alberta
Rubberstamping/Canada suppliers links
Tern Art Supplies/Canada

United Kingdom Supplies

Art Express
Arts & Graphics + Draftline
ArtMail/ Calligraphy supplies/UK
Art Supplies/PaperPeople/UK
Arty & Crafty supplies/calligraphy/UK
Berol/Sanford UK
Bird & Davis
Blots Pen & Ink Supplies/UK
British Companies/Directory
Calligraphity/Books,Videos /Charles H A Perkins UK
Card Inspirations
Chronicle Dip Pens/Manuscript/UK
The Art & Craft Sourcebook 2002
Cowling & Wilcox Ltd/London
Craft Creations/Blank cards
DalesCraft/wooden products
The Design Station /Sealing Wax/UK
Diamine Inks /UK
D.Leonardt & Co.
Fred Aldous Ltd/Supplies/ Manchester
Guanghwa Company /Chinese art supplies
Heaton Cooper Studio/UK
Hobby Craft/UK
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/UK
Lawrence Art Supplies/UK
Miller's Art
Mitchell Nibs
Paperclip Stationers/Parallel pens/Scotland
Papers & Surfaces /UK
Papyrus/Specialist Stationers/UK
The Pen & Paper Stationery Co/Wales.
Pentel Brushes/ Writing Instruments/UK
Phillip Poole/Nibs/UK
Pilot Parallel Pens/UK
Platignum /UK
Quills and Writing Sets /Tartan Gifts /Scotland
Rubberstamping/UK suppliers links
Sanford/Berol UK
UK/Educational Wholesalers and School Suppliers
Waxart/Encaustic /UK
The Writing Desk/UK
Yorkshire Art Store 

Cornelissen & Son Ltd. 
105 Great Russell St.,
London WC1B 3RY Tel 0207 636 1045 

Australia/New Zealand Art Supplies
Art Spectrum 
Canson Australia
Draw Art Supplies/New Zealand
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Australia
Peel off Stickers
Rubberstamping/Australia suppliers links
Will's Quills/Chatswood,Australia/William Lai/
West Art Supplies/Melbourne
Australian Paper Arts Magazine

Holland/Calligraphy supplies
Letters & Letters

Archival & Preservation supplies
Ampersand Art/Art Surfaces/panels
Archival & Conservations Products/Dick Blick
Archival Mist
Archival Suppliers
Archival Products
Archival Supplier/Staples Fine Art

Art Boards�
Container Store/Archival
Deacidification Sprays, Adhesives and Tapes
Flat Archival Storage Boxes 
Graphic Conservation Co 
Iconofile Store/gold leafing supplies
Light Impressions
Preservation Equipment/ supplies/UK
National Preservation Office/British Library
20th Century Plastic/Albums/Archival
PaperShops/cardstock & box templates
Resources for Conservation Professionals

Pens/Inks/Gouache/Paints Supplies
Ackerman Pens
Acid free Gel Ink Pens
Art Brown Pen Shop

S.A. Arts & Letters, San Antonio
Acorn Planet
Aladine French Inks& Quills
Amaco Brush 'N Leaf Liquid Metallic 
Angelwings Enterprises  Twinkling H2O's ink
Authentic Models/Writing Instruments
Berol/Sanford UK
Best Bottle Ink
Brass Pen sets
Brass Calligraphy Pen Sets
Brush Care/Tips/DanielSmith
Brushes/handmade/Magic Paper
Calligraphy Nibs Chart
Candle Decorating Pens
Cameo Silhouette Paint Pens
Caran d'Ache/colour products
Caran d'Ache/Millersart
Chemtek Artist's Starter Kit
Chronicle Dip Pens/Manuscript/UK
Clearsnap/Rubberstamp Ink pads
Copic Markers
Coit Pens/Calligraphic
Crafts Etc.../Calligraphy
Createx colors
Createx Airbrush mediums
Createx Pure Pigments
DecoArt Liquid Rainbow
DecoArt products/Fabric Paint
Delta Crafts
Delta Fabric Colors
Dakota Art Pastels
Dharma Trading Co/Textile paints
Dick Blick Calligraphy supplies
Dimensional Paints Tulip® 
Duncan Paints & Products
ENZO Pigment Inks
EK Success/Zig markers
Elegant writer

Exaclair/calligraphynibs /NYC
Fabric Paints/Jacquard
Fabric Paints/SENNELIER
Fabric paint/Metallic So Soft/Deco Art

Fish Ink Pens
Flaxart/Calligraphy sets & Papers
GellyRoll pens/Sakura 
Gentleman's Emporium/pen & quills
Glass Painting Kit
Glenn Marcus /Pen Links
Golden Glaze
Gold Leafing Pen /Krylon 18Kt
Gold leafing pen/Krylon/Durwin Rice
Sanford Gold Coat And Silver Coat Marker
Golden Paints
Goldspot/Coles of London/Calligraphy pens/USA
Gwin /PenNib Collector
Heaton Cooper Studio/UK
Holbein Acryla Gouache /ArtXpress
HoyleGrips/Pen & Pencil Grippers

J.Herbin/Quill & inks/New York

Jacquard Textile Colors
Kremer Pigments
Lefranc-Bourgeois/Painting on walls
Lettering Enamels/One Shot
Lumiere & Neopaque Paints/Jacquard
Lunalux/ENZO Pigment Inks
Magical Scriptorium/calligraphy supplies
Maiwa Handprints/marbling supplies
Manuscript Pen Company/UK
Niji Stylist Calligraphy Pens/DickBlick
Niji Stylist Calligraphy Pens/Curry's
ON Paper/Writing instruments
Paint Palette for Artists/Mastersonart
Panache Calligraphy Pens /Dick Blick
Pendemonium/Italic fountain pens
Penspiration/Calligraphy fountain pens
Pentouch/Calligraphy gold & silver markers
Pocket Studio Calligraphy Kit
Radiant Pearls
Ready Tex/Dr.Ph Martin
Reuels/Calligraphy nibs
Royal Talens:Decorfin,Rembrandt,Amsterdam,Van Gogh
Sanford Liquid Expresso Extra Fine Line Pen 
Schmincke Metallic Powders
Schmincke Retailers
Sign Painters/One Shot
Somerset Studio/Stampington & Co.
SysCon Technology/Krylon spray paints
Talas-NYC/Archival supplies
Think Ink/Gocco
Watercolor wheel stack/Koh-I-Noor 
Ziller Inks

Pens,Nibs & Calligraphy
Nib Widths Chart/Sizes
AladinE/Writing Sets/Liberty Bell Museum
AladinE/Writing sets & Ink/Barnes & Noble
Bamboo Reed Pens/Rexart

Brause Calligraphy tool set

Brause Nibs/John Neal

Broomfiled Penshop/calligraphy
By Hand Products
Calligraphy Emporium/supplies
Calligraphy Fountain Pens
Calligraphy Set/Flaxart
Calligraphy sets/Capricorns Lair
Calligraphy Sets/EnglishFaire
Calligraphy Nibs Chart
Cavallini & Co./calligraphy pen SALE
Cavallini/Calligraphy set/Quincy shop
Cavallini/Calligraphy set/Vickerey
Calligraphy Dip Pen Set /Dick Blick
Calligraphy Nib Wood Holders-Turn of the Century
Coit Pens/Reuels
Coit Pens/Calligraphic
Coles Calligraphy pen sets/UK
Dove Blender & Flo Set/Marco's
Duo Calligraphy pens/Gary M. Burlin & Co. 
Elegant writer
The Empressor/dual tip pen/Chatterbox
EnglishFaire/Renaissance/Calligraphy Inks/nibs
EXACLAIR, INC. /Brause Nibs/calligraphy
Fascinating Folds/Calligraphy
Feather,Quills Writing instruments/SourceOneGifts
Feather Quill Pens /Fascinating Folds

Feather Quill pens/JHerbin/NYC
Feather Quill pens/Silver Crow Creations
Feather Quill Pens /Writer's Store
Feather Pens/PaperTrail
The Feather Place
Plumes & Feathers
Fine Line Painting Pen
French Penholder./PaperInkArts
Goldspot/Coles of London/Calligraphy pens/USA
Grip-Tec handwriting Tools/Therapy Book
Grip-Tec handwriting Tools/Tera Products
Hand Made Wooden Pen Stands/1001 Pens
Herbin/Marbled pen holders/SavoirFaire
Hiro Tape Nib/John Neal
Historic Quill & Document Co.
HoyleGrips/Pen & Pencil Grippers
In 2 Art
John Neal/Calligraphy supplies
Jorg Hysek pens /dipping pens
Keysan/Calligraphy pens
Lacquered  Wooden Dip Pen Holder/Jinni Bick
Left Handed Nibs/Mitchell/John Neal
Left handed Nibs/Mitchell/Scribblers/UK
Lettering brushes
Liquid Applique pens for fabric & paper
Lotus Fine Art Supplies/Pens & Inkwells
Manuscript Calligraphy Deluxe pen set
Marbled pen holders/J.Herbin/SavoirFaire
Marbled Brause pen holder/Swisher pens
Markers/Fascinating Folds
Markers/Colorific Sandford
Marker Set for Picture Frames/Chartpak Touch-Up
Markers/Dick Blick
Markers/Fibralo Artists Fiber Tipped /Caran d'Ache
Markers/Impress Pens
Markers/Niji Stylist
Markers/Pilot Gold & Silver/Curry's
Markers/Gold,Silver,White/Pen-Touch� Sakura
Markers/Marvy & Leplume/Posh Impressions
Markers/Zig /SALE
Markers/Zig sale/Scrapbook.com
Markers Zig sale/Craftworks Unlimited/SALE
Markers/Zig Calligraphy/Paper Ink Arts
Markers/ZIG-Painty Paint Marker Twin Fine Tip
Marker/Pearlescent Calligraphy Paint/Hunt/Michaels
Markers/Memory Album Marker Set of 6-Metallic
Martha Stewart/Pen & Inks
William Mitchell/UK
Mitchell Nibs/Quietfire Design
Mitchell Rexel Roundhand Nibs/John Neal
Mitchell Rexel Roundhand Nibs/Scribblers/UK
Nancy�sNotions/Chacopel Tracing pencil
NextTag/calligraphy pens discounted
NIBS/Broad Edge or Pointed/John Neal
The Original Ruling Writer
Paper & INK Arts/Nibs & calligraphy
Panache calligraphy pens/Reuels
Paperclip Stationers/Parallel pens/Scotland
Parallel Pens/Behnsen Graphic Art/CAN
Parallel Pens/Omer Desseres/CAN
Parallel Pens/Scribblers UK
PenCity/calligraphy pens
Penholder/Stylos David/Montreal
Pen-Touch� /Sakura
PH testing Pen/dMarie
Pigma® Callipen/Sakura
Pilot Parallel Pens/UK
Pitts Artists Pens/Faber-Castell
Pelikan/Calligraphy Italic nib
Pendemonium/vintage nibs
Pen Holders Handmade/Bill Lilly
Pen Stands/1001 Pens
Pentel Brushes/ Writing Instruments/UK
Pentel of America
Phillip Poole/UK
Photo tinting/effects Markers
Pigma® Callipen
Pilot pens UK
Plakat Nibs/Magical Scriptorium
PlazaPen & Art/US
Platignum /UK
The Platignum Calligraphy Starter Set/JohnNeal
Parker Pen
Print Gocco
Print Dogs/Supplies
PeterRempel Poster Pens/Canada
Plumes & Feathers
Pump Pens for Calligraphy nibs/Ackerman Pens
Quiet Horizon's/Calligraphy sets & inkwells
Quill Pens/History & Supplies
Quill Pen Set/Somerset Studio
Quill Set /Jane Austen Gift shop-UK
Quill/AladinE/calligraphy pen with steel nib
Quills & ink/Liberty Bell Museum
Quills/Cured,uncured,cut,uncut/John Neal
Quills/Rose and Chalice
Quill Pen Package 101

Quills & Feathers/Swalef & Son
Quills/Historic Quill & Document Company

Quills and Writing Sets /Tartan Gifts /Scotland
Quincy Shop/Calligraphy sets
Radiant Pearls/Paint
Reed Pens/Zen Pens UK
Recife pens from France
Reuels's/Calligraphy pens

REX art/calligraphy aisle
Ron�sWoodenware/Nib Holders
Rotring Art pen 
Ruling Pens/John Neal
Ruling Pens/ArtStuff
Sakura products/Gellyroll & Pigma Callipens
Sanford/Berol UK
San Lorenzo Fine Italian Stationery/Bartoletti pens
Save-on-Crafts/Zig markers
Savoir Faire/supplies
Schneider Creactiv Calligraphy Pen

Scribes' Delight/Glass pens & sealingwax
Scribblers/UK/Calligraphy Supplies
Signature Pens by Thomas/Calligraphy woodcrafted
Speedball Art
Speedball/Lettering sheets/PDF file
Speedball/Nibs Sets
Speedball Textbook-22nd Ed.
Staedtler USA
Staedtler UK
Stypen/Calligraphy Kit/France
Suede Pens/John Neal

TheraProducts/Grip-tec/Wrting tools

Turn of the Century:wood pen holders
Uchida Calligraphy Markers
Vanishing pen/Scrapbook Bargain/USA
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Canada
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/UK
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Australia
Vanishing marker/pen/WillsQuills/Australia
Vanishing Ink Pen/JS&M/Monico Products
Vanishing Ink Pen/Shomertec
Whopperplate pen/B.Hildebrandt
William Mitchell/UK
Will's Quills/Australia/William Lai/
Windsor & Newton/inks,paints
Wood Nib holders/Turn of the Century
Wood Fountain Pen Pins 

The Writer's Edge/Calligraphy sets
The Writer's Store/metallic pens
The Writer's Store/Quill Pens
Writing Instruments/Flaxart
Writing Instruments/SourceOne Gifts
Writing Instruments Manufacturers Association
Writing Salon /Calligraphy/cards,pens,inkwells
Writing Sets/Calligraphy/Somerset
Yasumoto Supplies/Projects/gelpens/Origami

Yuzen washi pen

ZIG® Memory System®!/EK Success
Zig Writers
Castampin:Zig markers
Dick Blick:Zig Archival Markers
Discount Art/Zig markers
Fascinating Folds:Zig markers
Paperink Arts/Zig markers

Aladine French Inks/USA
AladinE inks & sets/Canada
Aladine French Ink INVISIBLE INK
ACIS Bulk Ink
Archival Ink Jet Cartridges /Dick Blick
Blots Pen & Ink Supplies/UK
Blots Iron Gall Ink /Medieval Recipe/Scribblers

Bokuju Ink/Green Bottle SALE
YASUTOMO Black Sumi Ink (Bokuju)

Boku-Undo Co./Sumi Inks
Chinese Ink stick/Art Supplies
Chinese Watercolor ink sticks/Flaxart
Chinese Calligraphy Ink /ChinaSprout
more chinese supplies/Cynscribe links
Dr. PH. Martin/Inks
Diamine Old English Writing ink
Dick Blick/Inks
Empty Glass Ink Bottles
EnglishFaire/Renaissance/Calligraphy Inks/nibs
Fountain Pen Inks/InkSampler
Fruit scented inks/Quincy
Gold & Silver Calligraphy Inks
Green Jade /Oriental calligraphy supplies
Heaton Cooper Studio/UK
Herbin Scented Inks/Quincy
Higgins Ink
Higgins Ink/Jerry's Artarama
Hunt/CalligraphyPainter markers
Ink /Iron Gall/Info/C.Karnes 
Ink Perfumed/Italy,Rubinato
Ink Recipes
Ink Old Recipes/Evan Lindquist
Ink Removers/Pendemonium
Inks/Thompson Conservation Laboratory
Invisible Ink/Blacklight
IQ Durable Edible inks
JellyRoll pens
J. Herbin Writing Ink/Jenni Bick
J.Herbin Company/Inks/France
J.Herbin/Quill & inks/New York
Kölner Miniatum Ink /guilding/Scribblers
Levenger Bottled Ink 
Luna Lights Inks/Stamp Oasis
Medieval Recipe inks/Scribblers/UK
Mystical Inks
Natural inks/La Ricerca/Venice
Noodler's ink/USA
Paper Alchemy/inks /UK
Private Reserve Inks
Private Reserve Inks/Dealers

Red Inkby Linea Arte Vetro/Murano bottle/
Roberson's French Sepia Ink/Scribblers/UK
Schmincke Horadam Gouache.
Schmincke Inks
Snowstar® Ltd/inks
Sumi Ink/Chopa
Sumi E /inks & brushes/Flaxart
Visconti ink
Visconti traveling ink pot
Visconti-travel inkwell/Italy
Woodblock Printmaking/Baren
Walker's Copperplate Ink/Scribblers/UK
Walnut ink
Yasutomo Sumi Ink 
Ziller Inks

Vintage Nibs,Boxes,Spencerian & Copperplate
Antique Steel Nibs/Collage Catalog/Flax Art
France/Paul Thibault's nib collection.
Hans Presto/Sweden/pen links
Vintage Advertisements /SteelPens/ links Hans Presto
Phillip Poole/UK
Vintage Nib Boxes/P.Poole
J.Gwin/Vintage Nib Boxes
J.Gwin/Nib Collections
Pendemonium/vintage nibs
Pen Holders Handmade/Bill Lilly
A Pen lovers paradise/supplies
Pen lovers paradise/Handcrafted pens
Southern Scribe/Vintage pen repair
Steel Pens Links/Hans Presto
Steve's Vintage Pens/UK
Swiss/Andreas Schenk's studio/nib shop
Vintage Pen/Jonathan Steinberg
Vintage Pens/David Nishimura/dip pens
Vintage Pens
Vintage English Waverly Pens/Ebay
Famous American Penman
Famous Female Penman
The Penmen Archives/Zanerian
*WANTED*  Vintage Pen Nibs.

The Writing Desk/UK
1001 Pens

History of Fountain Pens

History of Pens & Writing Instruments
A Brief History of the Fountain Pen
A History of the Fountain Pen/Luttmanns
History of Writing/instruments
A Chronological History by Countries
Bertram's Inkwell/history Penstuff
Bill's Pens/ Pen Collecting

Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens
Jim's Pen Site/FAQ's
The Early History of the Fountain Pen
Pen Lovers/history
The Pen Museum /UK
Richard Binder vintage pens
Sanford Berol/History Pen/UK
History of Fountain pens
History of Gold Nib making


Airline International Pens & Gifts
Astronaut Pen/Original Space Pen/Fisher
Bitner Fine Pens
The Battersea Pen Home/UK 
Bertram's Inkwell 
Calligraphy Fountain Pens/by Thomas
Caran d'Aches/Swiss
Celtic Lands Line Weave Fountain Pen
Classic Pens/Andale Stores
Contour Pen/Flaxart
Danitrio/Maki-e ebonite pens
David Oscarson Pens
Discount Art/Fine Writing Instruments
Dubois Vutera/luxury pens
Engravably Yours
EScribe/pen collecting forum
Fahrney's Pens
Fountain Pen Emporium/UK
FountainPen Hospital/great pen cases

Fountain Pen Links

Fountain Pen Page
Fountain Pen Paradise
John M.Gwin/Pen nib collector
Joon ,NYC
Glenn Marcus /Pen Links 
The Great Parker
Ink Flow
Ink Recipes for fountain pens
Institute for the Writing Arts (IWA)/PEN WEB/Paris
Internet Pen Resources 
Jorg Hysek Dip Pen Set
Jules Vernes/Waterman /Canada
Kaimei Fountain Pen Brush
Krone Limited Edition pens
Lamy Joy Calligraphy Fountain Pen/Swisher
Lamy Joy calligraphy pens/Paris
Lamy Joy calligraphy pen/Pencity
Lamy Pens/Heidelberg
Lamy pens/UK
Martha Stewart/Pen & Inks kit
Mont Blanc Pens on SALE
Mont Blanc
Montegrappa 1912 /Ferrari pen//Italy
Mora Fountain Pens/Paris
Namiki/Retractable fountain pen
Northwest Pen Works
Novelli Pen shop/Roma,Italy
NYC Pen  Show/Auctions
Old School Pens
Onoto Pen Co.
Oscar Braun Pens
Parker Pen/UK
PenBID/auctions & articles to sell
Pen Central
Pen Chests/pen cases
Pen Companies/Links
Pendemonium/Italic fountain pens
Pen Executive
Penfriend (London) Ltd
Pen Home/Vintage Fountain Pens/UK
Pen Lovers
Pen Lovers Paradise/VA
Pens and Mechanical Pencils
Pen Stop online
Pens Decorated with Polymer Clay
Pens 101
PenUltimate/old pens/UKcollecting pens
PenWorld Magazine
PenWEb News/Musée A & M
Pilot Pen
Pump Pen/Ackerman Pens
Richard Binder Fountain pens
Scribe's Delight
Southern Scribe/Vintage pen repair
Stypen/Calligraphy Kit
Stypen/Ergo Gel Rollerball
Swisher Pens
Valeria Matta/Collectors pens boxes
Visconti pens/Italy
Visconti Portable Ink Well
Webster's Pen Shop/UK
World & Dreams/Pens
TheraProducts/Grip-tec/Writing tools
The Writing Desk/UK
Yoropen Pens and Pencils

Glass Pens

Authentic Models/Writing Instruments
CollageCatalog//click Fine Pens
The Chandler's Box
Cavallini & Co
Flaxart/Glass Stylus
Hand blown Italian glass pens /Jenni Bick
Hand-Blown Glass Calligraphy Set

Murano bottle/Red Inkby Linea Arte Vetro

Murano Glass Pen Black/Bel Tesoro
Murano Glass Pen & Inkwell
Murano GlassCalligraphy pens/La Ricerca/Venice
Murano Glass Seal Handles
Pendemonium/Dip Pens/
Phrenology Inkwell Set/Flaxart

Red Hand Blown Murano Glass Pen Set
by Linea Arte Vetro
Rubinato's/Italy Fine glass pens
Savoir Faire Glass pens
Scribes' Delight/Glass pens & sealingwax
S Shaped box & Glass pen/Quincy
K.Schweizer/Glass pens & Inkwells
Venetian Glass pens/On Paper
Venetian Glass Pen
Vickery/Cavallini Glass pen
Writing Salon

All's Well Inkstands
AntiqueLine/Desk Set & Inkwells
Antique Ink Bottle
Authentic Models/Writing Instruments
Dubois Vutera/luxury inkwells
The Gouda Collection - Inkwells
Italian Ink Well and Pen Rest/Somerset
Judy's Antique Inkwells
Limoge-Style Porcelain Ink Well /Somerset
Limoge Inkwell & Glss pen/Quincy
Lotus Fine Art Supplies/Inkwells
'Meissen' Inkwell Tray Set
Monroe Street Antiques
Pewter Ink Dipping Well
Pressed Glass Pen Tray
Quiet Horizon's/Calligraphy inkwells
Glass Inkwell/Paper Trail Antiques
Glass bottles/American Science
Society of Inkwell Collectors
Steve's Vintage Pens & Inkwells/UK
The Writing Salon/Inkwells
Visconti Portable Ink Well

Paul Werner's Woid /Calligraphy Addresses/links/Paris& NYC
Cecilia's links/Paris



QuillSkill / Denis Brown / CD Rom

Book of Kells/CD Rom
101 Treasures of the British Library CD ROM
The Sherborne Missal Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM /British Library
The Lindisfarne Gospels Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM
DUCTUS/Paleography CDROM/Uni.Melbourne
Calligraphic Ornaments Clip Art/CD Rom
Calligraphity/Books & Videos/Scotland
The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile/University of Sheffield
Lettering Delights/fonts & clipart
FARB/Fantasy Art Resource Projects
Octavo/rare manuscripts
StartWrite/Software pre-printed sheets

A & F Video/Calligraphy Videos
AHA CalligraphyProducts/Fran Sloan Videos/US
Basic Calligraphy the Italic Hand/Barry Floyd/Video/UK
Bill Lilly/Script Writing Video/US
Calligriphity/Calligraphy Videos/UK
Calli-Graphic II /Guidelines software
Calligraphy Guidelines�/manuscripts & envelopes
Calligraphy underliners/Dick Blick
Creations by You/softwares

Donald Jackson/St-John's Bible/Video
The Ultimate Spencerian Penmanship Course

Celtic Knots Fonts/Clan Bagde
Celtic Knots Videos
Celtic knots designer software
Software CD ROM-Pro Scribe/celtic clipart & fonts

 John Weber /Calligraphy 1
Calligraphy in Sugar/Cake Decorating Video
Calligraphy 1: From Pen to Paper, Beginner Italics

Journaling Genie Software
Japanese brush painting kit/Kate's Paperie

Making Manuscripts Video/Getty Museum
Paper Direct/Certificate Templates Software 2002 
Perfect Palette Painting Videos

ART Tips
Calligraphy Tips


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