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Favorite Sites this month!

Professional lettering Artist
David Lozarch/Paris France
Great to see the inversed color images!
What a wonderful,original creative artist!

Margaret Shepherd has her new website,visit at

 View her ChristmasAdvent Calendar


Gini Ogle, Calligrapher & Illustator

Heather Mendel/A Word of Art

NIBS/Repair and Restoration for Fountain Pens
Nice selection of Vintage nibs

MasterPenman Gallery

Once upon a time, bibliophily .../WEBLIBRIS
Discover the this excellent website!French/English

An online version of an exhibition at the Archives of American Art's
New York Regional Center

Watercolor Media Collages by Denise Enslen

World of Watercolor Online Magazine


It's time to make your X-Mas Wish List!
Send it to Santa..or just treat yourself!

Flaxart/San Francisco
3 websites in one!Visit any of the 3 sites!!
You will be very inspired !
Great book  "The Art of Letter Writing",
glass stylus & colored inks.
The Paper Catalog

Check out the Italian
 Florentine I Papers in 25 Styles
 Imported from Italy. 28" x 40" sheets. Use for
 gift wrap, stationery, home decoration,
 envelope liners and book binding.
Collage Catalog

Beautiful Letter Seals
Ornate and colorful depictions of familiar characters lend a fresh look to
correspondence or art projects. Each package holds 12 self-sticking seals
of a single letter.

2001 Italian Art Wall Calendars
at SomersetStudio Shop

"Pages: Innovative Bookmaking Techniques"
by Linda Fry Kenzle
Divided into six parts, "Pages" introduces the book artist to paper and adhesive selection, plus
a full-range of artists' books to try making at home, including scrolls, fine folded books, and
bound books. Also featured is a useful chart of 21 different painting brushes and their
functions. This bookoffers a terrific layout, clear instructions, project templates, and helpful
graphic diagrams.

Don't miss on the same page their:
Antique Chinese Coin Reproductions
Great for adding to your collages or greeting cards!

Great news! Al Zanetti's "Love" design is now available on purple
T-shirts. Ordering information can be found on his web-site


CHRISTMAS/Holiday Stamps & Ideas

Calligraphic Ornaments Clips
Dover/CD ROM & Book

Ready-to-Use Calligraphic Initials
Dover $5.95
918 Different Copyright-Free Designs Printed One Side


The beautiful Calligraphy Stamps by John Weber
from VIP Stamps

Christmas Cards by Faster Graphics
Great ideas and layouts for making your own cards!
Or simply order from their website

 Bayley's Boxes Idea Gallery!

Ivy's Christmas Coloring Books
Just print out or deuce for greeting cards!
Great links for fun!

More FUN for X-MAS
Links to wallpaper,jokes and Poems

Christmas Rubberstamps:

From the collage artist,
Claudine Hellmuth
 16 gorgeous images for the holidays  These images evoke a true
              sentimental feeling of Christmas past.Lot's of Angels!

Debbie Mumm

Christmas Stamps/Sayings & VintagesImages
lots of umnounted one..real affordable!

RubberArt/X-MAS designs



Looking for new craft project ideas?


Personalized Wine Bottle Project

Glass Etching Supplies & Tips

Read about the Story of my favorite paper!


Have your artwork printed in wide format,
Fabric can also be printed - any type fabric, silk, cotton, synthetic.
             You can have your images printed on scarves as well.

EnvelopeFolding Tips & Templates

PaperAccessCertificate Jackets

The Frame Place, Inc.


A la prochaine,and please feel free to send in
your favorite links!
Cynthia Garinther,Montreal


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