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Denis Brown

New site at www.quillskill.com

New CD Rom/PC & Macintosh
"For the first time, the full range of 
 Denis Brown's outstanding calligraphy
is presented together:hundreds of high quality images
including enlargements to actual 
size or bigger, plus the artist's personal commentary,
anecdotes and in-depth analyses."
I just received my complimentary copy
and must thank Denis!
It is a calligrapher's dream come true!
His gestual lettering & artwork is breathtaking !
You can also admire  & study his work for hours with no internet cost.Worth the investment!
Best quality images and enlargements.
Bravo to Denis for being a Pioneer and
inspiring us by sharing his work!

(Hopefully a Publisher will grab the opportunity and 
produce the paper version of this
Master Calligrapher's work!)

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Celtic Knot Fonts/ClanBadge
Introducing a revolutionary new
way to create beautiful custom 
Celtic Knotwork on your computer!

F.W. Tamblyn's Home Instructor
in Penmanship

Artisan's Choice/Create your own Kits
great tool to make your own personalised
rubberstamps at home!
I just received my complimentary kit and it's simple!

UK Calligraphy supplies,
and the unique X-Height Calculator

Walker's Copperplate Ink
Blots Iron Gall Ink /Medieval Recipe

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Celtic Knots Leather journals/Cynscribe


















Quotes for Gardeners
and Lovers of the Green Way
Compiled by 
Michael P. Garofalo 

We seem to have lost contact with the
earlier, more profound functions of art, which have always had to 
do with personal 
and collective empowerment,
personal growth, communion
with this world, 
and the search for what lies beneath and above this world.
 ~ Peter London,  No More Second Hand Art


Art attempts to find in the universe, in matter as well as in the facts of life, what is fundamental,
enduring, essential.
-   Saul Bellow

All gardening is landscape painting.
   -  Alexander Pope


Beauty is the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one  cannot 
add or subtract or change without impairing
the harmony of the whole.
      -  Leon B. Alberti 


Every garden is unique with a multitude of 
choices in soils,plants and themes.
Finding your garden theme is as easy as seeing what brings a smile to your face.
 -  Theresa Watkins, Gardening With Soul

Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, 
and the heart of man go together.
          -   John Ruskin


The garden must first be prepared in the soul first
or else it will not flourish.
    -  Proverb from England

Gardens are the result of a collaboration
between art and nature.
    -  Penelope Hobhouse

To some, gardening is therapy for the mind. 
   Art is therapy for my soul. 
   -  Reno

see more images or
Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta

In garden arrangement,
as in all other 
kinds of decorative work, one has not only to acquire a knowledge of what to do,
but also to 
gain some wisdom in perceiving what it is well to let alone.
 -  Gertrude Jekyll


Painting is closely related to gardening
but closer still is poetry.
-   Robert Dash



The struggle against
a purpose in art is always a struggle against the
moral tendency 
in art - against its subordination to morality. 

Art for art's sake means,
Let morality go to the Devil. 
~Friedrich Nietzsche
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Calligraphy Sites
Ivan Angelic/Hoffmann-Angelic Design 
Very talented graphic designer!Excellent Website design,
great handlettering & logo designs!Read
their "get in touch" page...excellent explanation on 
how handlettering "gives life to words the way that 
plain typesetting just cant do!"

Holly Dean 
Initially Yours/Framed Initials
Holly Dean/Calligraphy/Notecards

Pat Blair Calligraphy
Specializes in invitation designs!Elegant Copperplate.

Karin Bauer/Germany
German site well worth the images!

Peter Gericke/Munich
Illuminated capital letters images!From A to Z!
Nice choice of Type & Calligraphy!

Leslie Robinson/Quality Quotes

Letters & Letters Magazine/Holland
see beautiful Italic letters by Denis Brown(Ireland)
see beautiful Copperplate by Jean Larcher (France)

Neil Bromley/Calligraphy & Heraldry/UK
Specialises in illuminations!
His honorary scrolls are great for layout & ideas.

Nick the Nib/UK
see his greeting cards with illuminated Capitals
& name meanings!

Colorado Calligrapher's Guild
have their new domain!

Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto
visit the Gallery section,excellent work by members!

Embroidered Chinese Calligraphy-Stanley Kong

Spencerian Scribe/Douglas W. Burns

Scrolls & Awards/Baltic Studios

One Heart Studio/Calligraphed Boxes

Pictoral Calligraphy/Korean

Calligraphy Supplies & Gifts

NEW Paper & Arts /requestCalligraphy Catalog

The Printed Candle
Personalized Candles for Every Occasion!

"Beautiful Calligraphy by Lianda"
Very nice work from invitations to scrolls & easy
surfing site!

Gocco Printer/Think Ink

Excalibor Seals

C-Thru Ruler /Lettering products:
Aphabets/Lettering Templates/Deja Views
Italic Letters template/DV
Better Letters Stickers/DejaViews
Bordering Tools/Deja View-lers
Better Banners/Templates/Deja Views

Origins/Genealogy Fan Chart SALE $7.00 us
great price,simple design,ready for calligrahy fill ins!
36-1/2" x 25". 
10  Generation. Printed in black and red.
Heavystock. Acid-free paper.
Origins/6 Generations Elegant Fan Chart $5.00

Genealogy Ancestral Fan Charts/ SALE! $4.95
Fan - 7 Generation Genealogy Chart & Frame
Comes in Parchment 11" x 17"
Children's 4 generation Chart on parchment 81/2 X11"

More Genealogy links/Cynscribe

Events , Exhibitions & Workshops
Call of entries
Perpetual Calendar/Washington Calligraphers Guild
2002 Graceful Envelope Contest
Purely Pencils/Contest/ Draw

The CCC Colleagues of Calligraphy,St.Paul,MN
will host the 
2002  "Calligraphy Connection"
June 22 - 29, 2002.
at St. John's University,ollegeville, MN 

Lynn Ohlhorst, Director

The Calligraphy Guild of Columbus,Ohio
will hist the
2003  Calligraphy Conference
July 19-26,2003
at Wesleyan University,Delaware,Ohio
Teaching proposal must be received by 
April 30,2002
more details
INFO:Carol Kimball /carolism@columbus.rr.com
and Sandy Schaadt/ ArachNib@columbus.rr.com


The Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA)
is pleased to announce the opening of our 
International Calligraphy Conference Scholarship 2002. 

IAMPETH 2002 Conference
July 8th � 13th, 2002 
The International Association of 
Master Penman, Engrossers & Teachers of Handwriting
Oakbrook, Illinois 
Joe Vitolo:arcangel@csor.pair.com

 The Dick Beasley Memorial Workshop
Flagstaff Arizona,
July 29-August 2, 2002
Brush & Brush with Eliza Holliday
A workshop of pointed and edged brush
deposit required to guarantee space
Contact: June Beasley
Email : junebeasely@dellnet.com

Writing Symposium 2002/UK
July 19-26, 2002
Calligraphy Research Initiative, 
University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.
Instructors:Ewan Clayton,Thomas Ingmire,
Jean Larcher,Anne Hechle
Contact: Manny Ling
email: manny.ling@sunderland.ac.uk

Literally Letters I: Calligraphy Festival
Ghost Ranch in Santa Fe,New Mexico
Week 1: June 17 - 24
Week 2 :June 24-July 01
Nancy Culmone,
P.O. Box 135, Serafina, New Mexico 87569
(505) 421-0077

"Medieval Magic" /Canada
Saturday, May 4, 2002
Hosted by
the Hamilton Calligraphy Guild,
Hamilton, Ontario Canada
contact V.Peart

Camp Cheerio 2002
April 28- May 3,2002
Jim Teta,5200 Bear Creek Road,Winston-Salem,NC 27106
Email Jim:tetascribe@aol.com
Instructors:Thomas Ingmire & John Stevens

July 7-17, 2002
1st Australian Conference 2002
Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia
contact Collene Kalb

CLAS Festival of Calligraphy/UK
Ormskirk 2002
August 16-22, 2002
he Festival Directors, Judith Sitch and Chantal Fischer
48 Necton Road, WHEATHAMPSTEAD, Herts, AL4 8AU
Tel: (0)20 8445 6420 or (0)1582 629036
E-mail: CLAS2002@nectonhouse.co.uk 

"16th Year of Summer School: Calligraphic Arts" UK
 with David and Nancy Howells
July-August 2002
Write to Nancy Ouchida-Howells, 
14Mill Hill Drive, Shoreham-by-sea,
WestSussex, BN43 5TL 
Tel: 44 1273 453387 

Letters of Joy 2002/May 2002
Edmonds Community College,Lynnwood, Washington
Keynote Speaker:Mike Kecseg

Dave Wood/ Calligraphy Exhibiton in Holland
Dave Wood Website
Lisserbroek (The Netherlands), March 10, 2002

2002 International Marblers' Gathering


Greeting Cards

Flourished Bird Note Cards/Ziller

"Perfect Score" Card Scorer

Cards By Carolyn/HandmadeUK

Green Dragon Arts/Chinese & Japanese cards

Paper Flair card kits /FranticStamper

Century Greetings/Print your own cards/
Software Free


Alphabet Cubes/Eureka stamps

Copperplate Flourishings Stamps/MootePoint
Calligraphed themes/Both US & Canada prices!

Calligraphy Curls/Hero Arts/Capitals Alphabet Stamps
limited quatity/from 1001 stamps

Serendipity Stamps/calligraphic words

Calligraphy Nibs Stamps

"Hand Stamped" themes

have your favorite picture of yourself or
your loved ones made into a small
portable stamp that's self-inking

Candle Stamping/HGTV/Vesta Abel

BrysonPress/Playing Card Kit

Museum Stamps & Posters

Polymer stamps/Acrylic blocks!
Artisan's Choice/Create your own Rubberstamps/ Kits
ArtSeeds/Clear Polymer stamps
BrysonPress/Polymer Custom stamps
Klearly Impressed!/Polymer stamps

Medieval Theme Stamps
Medieval Plates/UM/Stamp Smith
be patient the long download is worth the visit!


Typography &Computer Calligraphy

Typologia/Book Online/Frederic Goudy

The Medium and the Message
July 12-14,2002/Toronto,Canada
Michael Clark - Calligraphy 
Friday, July 12 | 9:30 am-12 noon |
Cost: $50USD/$80CAD
Clark's workshop focuses on using alternative tools for type development. A ruling pen, brush and commonly available but seldom used tools are among the instruments used in creating type conceived outside the digital arena. Clark's calligraphic script, Pouty, is available through Font Bureau. 
Letraset released Katydude in 2001, 
with Frenzy set to debut at P22 this summer.

Society of Typographic Aficionados

Font Aid /Font for Unicef

Font Aid II/ Help America

Fonts:Historical Penmanship Collection:
Simulate authentic-looking old handwriting straight 
from your computer keyboard, modeled after
actual penmanship from the early- to mid-1800s.

Calligraphic Fonts/Free

Bukva:raz!/ a competition of type design
Bukva:raz!/ Winners 2001


Discount Computer Calligraphy 
Enveloppe Addressing & Thank you notes 
by Inkspun Calligraphy

Baseline Magazine

Paper Arts & Book Arts

Anti-Vellum Sheer Heaven
 Please mention Cysncribe when ordering
You can dye it, dip it, dunk it and drown it!
And soak it and spray it and spritz it! It will dry 
like new every time -without a warp or a wrinkle
.make a Luminaria Shade 

Wookey Hole Caves & Papermill/UK

Framing kits & Templates/Time & Again
Heritage collection to transform
family memorabilia to elegant pages

We Are Paper's Handmade Paper 

Calligraphy Paper Sampler/Art Paper


Florentine & Decorative papers/Franticstamper

Paper Passions/Sonja/Canada

Faux Books/Accessories
Multi-Media Storage

Papyrus/Artistic Enhancements (16 x 24 sheet)

Small leather journal with strap-myra series/Cynscribe
by Anatolian Treasures

Internet Buddy : Web Journal

Cardstock Review & Tips

Invitations & Stationery

Thanks for supporting Cynscribe!!

Wedding Invitations, Announcements,
Placecards, and More :
 A Bride's Guide to Simple Calligraphy, 
by Bette Mathews
only $15.40 !Thanks for ordering thru 
Cynscribe/Amazon (thanks!!) 
( go to the Rockport Publishers site
to view sample pages of the book!)
Many "Cyberscribe" contributors !!

 My own Wedding labels/for favors/wine gifts
Labels and collars are pre-cut and come 
on peel-and-stick sheets with 6-12 per sheet.

Calligraphic Album/
Wedding Anniversary memory book/Cynscribe

Paper Direct Products:
Fold-Over Vellum Invitations
Invitation Seals/Paper Direct
Laser-Printable Clear Seals

Florentina Embossed Invitations


Favorite Quotes Links
 Love,Poems & Quotes
Wedding Verses, Poems, Sample Texts, and Etiquette

Sarah Lugg Calendar 2002
The Nature of Friendship 
Buy Together Today: $19.71 or $17.52
Sarah Lugg/Objects Of  My Affection

Love Quotes/Songs & poems

Sherrie Lovler/Calligraphy Quotes

Michael Noyes/ CalligraphyQuotes

Calligraphy Articles

Revival of calligraphy (19th and 20th centuries) 

"WRITING AS ART" A Brush with the Past

Tips,Tools & Talk/DanielSmith

Sun Fade Tests for inks/Chart
by the Ink Sampler

Related Tools Tips & Links 

$$$$$The Universal Currency Converter

Mylar Photo Mounting Sleeves/UK

Emagination Crafts/Punches & Papers

Arts & Craft Directory/Canada

Krylon Mystique Aerosol /Marco's

Egg Tempera painting/Robert Milken
Excellent demo!Beautiful rock paintings by this artist.

Add your own classified add to sell your used books,artwork or prints!

Font used for my top Banner:Zapfino


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