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Favorite Sites this month!
Here are some great links to visit!

Scribe of the month 
Sara Loesch Frank/Sarandippity 
incorporates calligraphy with a variety of mixed media-
She also letters invitations, announcements, quotations 
and does addressing of envelopes. See her Fine Arts 
gallery and Commercial work for examples.


Calligraphy Sites
Kathy Guthrie
is from Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island, B.C.,Canada. 
This is where she creates her card designs and lovingly scribes,
paints and assembles her cards one by one.
Kathy also instructs lettering and paper arts classes
at local art shops. 

Dan Cotton Lettering Design
Great commercial lettering artist & Illustrator!

Annie Cicale
Calligrapher, lettering artist, painter, illustrator and book maker. 
Her inspirations come from words and images, 
which I combine in traditional and contemporary ways.
These web pages will lead you through many
  ways of working and thinking.

Roann Mathias /New Website
The Printery House Greeting Cards/Roann Mathias

Timothy Botts /New Website

Ray Ritchie/New Website

New Calligraphy Society in Mexico City
Caligrafos e Iluminadores located in Mexico City.

Michigan Association of Calligraphers 
has a new site!

The Australian Society of Calligraphers
now has a new site!

Bart Blubaugh Letter Design
 Hand Lettering - Calligraphy
Let Freedom Ring! Get your free calligraphic desktop picture!

Jill Colebatch/Australian Scribe
Her own work is a constantly changing voyage of discovery 
and renewal, and what you  see in her gallery on this website
is a sample of 'what was', and perhaps 'what is', but you can
be quite sure that it will be very different to 'what is still to come'.        Cecilia

New poster for Trinity College Dublin/Denis Brown
Also features a free desktop Calligraphy wallpaper & 
CD Rom of his work/Denis Brown

Ductus/Roman Capitalsby Vincent Gesnelay
Association Scripsit.(text in french)
Excellent shapes and easy chart!

Images with notes from the Enya - A Box of Dreams Booklet
Calligraphy and Design: Brody Neuenschwander 
(the most beautiful music CD booklet designed!)
You can order Box of Dreams (Box Set)(Book)
my Cynscribe/Amazon site (thanks!!)
and listen to some of her music on
 Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya
Cover also designed by Brody...Enya is also featured on the 
Lord of the Rings mucic CD!!

The Lindisfarne Gospels /British library/FREE Seminar

Aviel Barclay/Tree Ketubah
Aviel currently resides in British Columbia, Canada.
 After attending the Victoria College of Art, she studied the craft 
of book binding under Ken Vinson, then freelanced for the next three years.
 She spent a year in Israel learning sofrut, the art of the Jewish scribe,
privately from a Sofer Sta"m and noted Judaic artist in Jerusalem. 

Elaine's Place
Unique Hand-cut Designs Personalized With Calligraphy.

LE MUR DES JE T'AIME (The Wall of I love Yous)Ecards
send e cards in every language!Handwritten,calligraphy

In a world marked by violence and dominated by individualism, 
walls, like boundaries, are usually made to divide and separate 
peoples to protect them from one another.
On the contrary, LE MUR DES JE T'AIME 
(The Wall of I loveYous) is a link, a place of reconciliation,
a mirror which reflects an image of love and peace. 

Calligraphy Supplies & Gifts

NEW Paper & Arts /requestCalligraphy Catalog

Genealogy printers/UK
Great family tree chart..great for layout ideas..see samples

Alibris/Calligraphy Book SALE
just enter "calligraphy" in the search engine,you'll be amazed 
at the prices and seletion!

Calligraphy sets/Capricorns Lair
This section of their store is devoted to the sales of Calligraphy pens, 
Fountain Pens,Writing sets, Quills and there Accessories. 
Also find high quality nibs, tips, ends.

Special Edition T-shirt from Somerset Studio
Designed by artist Michelle Ward.
Personalize your t-shirt with beading, embroidery and paints.
Stamp and decorate the neckline and sleeves. 
Add grommets and embellishments. Transform it into a work of your art!
A portion of the proceeds will be donated to:
Piscataway Developmental Learning Center, New Jersey

Capricorns Lair/Wax & Seals
Here you'll find Wax Seals, Wax, Alcohol Burners, Quills,
Writing supplies and goods, Fountain Pens, Ink, Ink Wells,
 Sealing Wax and a fine selection of parchment and papers.

Feather Quill pens/Info & Links

 Quills and Writing Sets /Tartan Gifts /Scotland
 Traditional golden pheasant quill pens with a metal copperplate nib

Lazertran/tracing paper/UK
Lazertran is a revolutionary new process that enables the transfer 
of Colour Photo copied images onto almost any surface,
including high quality papers, canvas, metal, glass ceramic tiles, 
wood and vacuum forming plastics.

A beautiful, affordable alternative to traditional sealing wax, 
faux wax sticks can be used with any seal matrix to create beautiful seals 
that will survive being mailed!

Special Paints/In2Art/Art & Frame of Sarasota
                         AMACO Glazes, Glow in the Dark Paint ,Deco Art Liquid Rainbow, 
Pebeo Porcelaine Paint, Rub n Buff Metallic Finish, 
Speedball Water Based Ink, Speedball Oil Based Ink

ClipArt� Pens/PaperTrail

Zig 2-Way Glue - Chisel Tip
Adhesives at The Printer's Daughter

Papyrus Paper/Time to stamp (16 x 12 sheet)
Papyrus/Artistic Enhancements (16 x 24 sheet)
Papyrus Art Kits /PaperTrail
Genuine Egyptian Papyrus kits

Recife pens from France/The Golden Quill

Fountain Pen Inks - A Sampler
Actual hand painted samples of 270+! current production
 fountain pen inks bound into a handy reference book. This book
is constantly under revision. Check it out!

Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/ScarpBook Bargain/USA
 Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Beyond Memories/Canada
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Steamers/UK
Journaling Genie Vanishing Pen/Australia

Events , Exhibitions & Workshops
Dave Wood/ Calligraphy Exhibiton in Holland
Lisserbroek (The Netherlands), March 10, 2002

The CCC Colleagues of Calligraphy,St.Paul,MN
will host the 
2002 Conference
at St. John's University 
in Collegeville, MN on June 22 - 29, 2002.

Ardie Gallant, Editor/Newsletter
email: ardiesdesign@qwest.net
or:  ardie@ardiesdesign.com

2003 Conference
The Calligraphy Guild of Columbus
Teaching proposal must be received by April 30,2002
more details

INFO:Carol Kimball /carolism@columbus.rr.com
and Sandy Schaadt/ ArachNib@columbus.rr.com

New Website coming soon at

The Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA)
is pleased to announce the opening of our 
International Calligraphy Conference Scholarship 2002. 

Camp Cheerio 2002
April 28- May 3,2002
Jim Teta,5200 Bear Creek Road,Winston-Salem,NC 27106
Email Jim:tetascribe@aol.com

Instructors:Thomas Ingmire & John Stevens

IAMPETH 2002 Conference
The International Association of 
Master Penman, Engrossers & Teachers of Handwriting
July 8th � 13th, 2002 
Oakbrook, Illinois 

Contact:Joe Vitolo:arcangel@csor.pair.com

Writing Symposium 2002/UK
July 19-26, 2002
Calligraphy Research Initiative, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK.
Instructors:Ewan Clayton,Thomas Ingmire,Jean Larcher,Anne Hechle
Contact: Manny Ling

email: manny.ling@sunderland.ac.uk

New Cyber Study Website

 Day of Many Minis/Calligraphy/Toronto ,Canada

Cheryl Moote 416-445-1773 
Moote Points

Rubberstamping & Greeting Cards
Valentine Handmade cards/Sparks

 FREE HP greeting card paper /US only
send in your online coupon/email before March 7th!!!! 

Stamp Talk/Addresses for cards/
Remember Sep. 11th

Addicted to Rubberstamps/Big Sale
check out their Valentine rubberstamps!

PSX Valentine Rubber Stamps 2002

Love Stamps/Calligraphic styles

Love Stamps/Hearts

Create Valentine projects/All night Media

Folded Heart Fan Card/by Donovan

Make 2 Origami Hearts/Craft Bits

Check out this site ..full of free projects and craft supplies

My Sentiments Exactly
large collection of wording stamps

Above the Mark Aphabet stamps/unmounted

RubberMoon stamps/Card Gallery

Stampers Anonymous 

 Stampington Magazines/Catch Up issues/SALE

On the Fringe/creative embellishments
Original charms,buttons & tassels

Goddess Creative designs
 large selection of Celtic stencils & Chinese Rubberstamps

A Guide To Stamping Tools And  Techniques /Hero Arts
Color Blending

Embossing Card projects by the ton!
Make an Impression with The Ellison Embossing System. 

Paper2 U//Discount
Greeting blank paper,Large format paper,vellum bristol etc...

Web Cards 
Web Cards are a snap-shot of your web site,printed onto notecards. 

Typography &Computer Calligraphy
Michael Clark/FontBureau
see Micheal's great font "Pouty"!!You can also view his other new
typeface "Katytude" named after his daughter at
Letraset (enter as a guest....then click fonts)

Letraset Ripper, our interactive online typesetter

IDENTIFONT  /Fonts designed by Jovica Veljovic
Great site..find a font,a designer or identify a font!

Mike Whittin/Add images to your website tutorial

Fontennium/FREE Calligraphy fonts by category

Fun Flash Animated Letters for Kids

The Font Creator Program /FREE
The Font Creator Program puts font creation within the grasp of the average PC user, would-be typographers and graphic designers. With this application you can create and edit TrueType font files. You can use the modified fonts in Windows 3.11 and higher. Features include the ability to convert (scanned) bitmaps (.bmp files) to TrueType outlines, thus enabling you to create your own signature, logo and handwriting. 

Paper Arts & Book Arts
Help support Cynscribe
(When ordering mention Cynscribe )Merci!!
Anti-Vellum Sheer Heaven
You can dye it, dip it, dunk it and drown it!
And soak it and spray it and spritz it! It will dry like new every time -without a warp or a wrinkle.make a Luminaria Shade 

Zia Paste Paper & Techniques

Great images & instructions

Gold Stamp Creations
Hundreds of ways to make your albums special! 

"An Elegant Hand: The Golden Age of American
Penmanship and Calligraphy."
by William E. Henning /New Book at Oak Knoll Press
 Paul Melzer, the editor of this work,
     added more than 400 examples taken from original specimens to handsomely illustrate Henning's manuscript.you can order thru Paul Meltzer

Jenni Bick/Bookbinding & Writing Instruments
Beautiful handmade journals & Albums,tips & bookbinding supplies.
Dont miss the wonderful writing instruments!

Wedding Albums/Madmoon Creations
Mad Moon Creations offers a variety of products to help you commemorate birthdays,anniversaries, family reunions, newborns,
           memorials, bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, and other milestone occasions. 

Venice marbled paper/La Ricerca

Workshop:  Book Binding
  Where: Cheerio, North Carolina
 Instructor:   Monique Lallier
   Dates:  March 10th - 15th, 2002
Contact Jim Teta

Guild.com/Artist Books


Invitations & Stationery
Help support Cynscribe!!

Wedding Invitations, Announcements,Placecards, and More :
 A Bride's Guide to Simple Calligraphy, by Bette Matthews
only $15.40 if you order thru Cynscribe/Amazon (thanks!!) 
( go to the Rockport Publishers site to view sample pages of the book!)
Many "Cyberscribe" contributors !!

by Marc Friedland, Betty Goodwin
Discover how Hollywood celebrities and multinational corporations host with style the most-talked-about, celebrated parties and special events: by sending a captivating invitation!!

Stephannie Barba/Couture Calligraphy Stationery
Original stationery & invitations designs,with a french Flair!

Arak Kanofsky/Couture Stationery

My Personal Artist/Michele Bukutts
All art is HAND ILLUSTRATED by Michelle, totally exclusive.
Album Source
Unique & Beautiful! Elegant styles to display & share
memories of a lifetime.Check out the 
Burnes Wedding Keepsake Set,
in the Wedding Album section. 
It�s post bound and contains 50 acid-free, archival quality
pocket flex memo pages .

Silver Heart Photo Album & Guest Book/Flaxart

Suede journals/Laura & Company

Valentine & Victorian Cards/Scrapalbum

Placecard holders/That Special Favor
Largest selection of designs,from easels to teapots,you'll find them here!
The page is a little long to download..that's beacause of all the great images.

 WriteNow Wedding Notes/ Free Software 
will create individualized letters for each gift you input.

Message Scrolls�/Australia
great ideas for making a wedding scroll!

Wedding Invitation Issue/Calligraphy/John Neal
see Vol 16,No2

Favorite Quotes Links
Valentine's day quotes & cards

50 Creative Ways to Say "I Love You"/Sparks
without saying those three little words.

Collected Memories/Holiday Archives
read about the history of Valentine's day

Say What /Lettering Stencils
for Lettering on your walls.Easy to use!

Aphids/Quotation Archive

dMarie Time Capsule
Find out what happened on your birthday!!

Clever Sayings

Calligraphy Articles
Pearls of Wisdom/Cyberscribes
 Thanks to Nancy Grossenbacher of Portland,Oregon
for compiling these lists!

Creating Calligraphy based designs on the computer
by Ray Ritchie

The Origin of the Bookplate/
Antioch Bookplate Company

Marianne Hansen/Bookplate Designer
my latest work in woodcut in the style of the fifteenth century.
 I have cut blocks and printed them as an intermittent hobby for fifteen years as a way of exploring one of the arts of the late medieval book

The Lettering Stencils in Your Computer
By: Jennifer Blackham

Related Tools Tips & Links 
$$$$$The Universal Currency Converter

 The design of this tree is a simple arrangement of names in
white ink on brown paper. Great project for calligraphers!

Triangle REGULAR Grip-Rite Grippers*
Fits standard pencils and pens.

Tidy Trays/craft and hobby organizers 

Scratch Art®
Here's the whole collection!
Scratch & Stamp
Stamp...emboss...and scratch on beautiful Scratch-Art® 
coated surfaces with your favorite rubber stamps. 

The Printed Candle
Personalized Candles for Every Occasion

Stencil Techniques/Decorating Plus

Support handicapped children in Norway -
send your used postal stamps & phonecards!


"All you need is love "
                                            ~John Lennon

We come to love not by finding a perfect person,
but by learning to see an
                 imperfect person perfectly.
                      -- Anonymous

Love is shown in your deeds, not in your words.
                      -- Fr. Jerome Cummings

Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.
                      -- Albert Einstein

We look forward to the time when the power to love ,
will replace the love of power.
Then will our world know the blessings of peace.
                      -- William Gladstone

Love is the great miracle cure.
Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
                     -- Louise Hay

 Since love grows within you, so beauty grows.
For love is the beauty of the soul...

Add your own classified add to sell your used books,artwork or prints!

Font used for my top Banner:Zapfino


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