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Favorite Sites this month!
Here are some great links to visit!

Scribe of the month 
Calligraphy, Heraldry and Illumination.She has been
  a full time scribe and heraldic artist for many years 
and is author of several books on related subjects.
Books:Family Trees :A Manual for their Design Layout & Display.


Calligraphy Sites
(Best viewed with Explorer)
"works as an artist moving between disciplines, 
using words as a medium in painting, performance, 
inscription, and music. He is best known for his wall inscriptions and engraved inscriptions on windows."

Sherri Trial
Fine Art  ·  Calligraphy  ·  Illustration
Sherri Trial participates in miniature exhibits throughout the 
United States and abroad.  The guidelines for the miniatures are quite strict:  subject matter must be 1/6 actual size or less, and total image size must typically be less than 25 square inches

Stephen Raw/Letterforms
One art director said that �where the computer stops
 Stephen starts�. In his spare time Stephen produces
�calligraphic� artwork that is often exhibited in the UK and abroad.

Lettering Design/Debby Reelitz-Bell 
She has been a practicing calligrapher for fifteen years, and her clients
include some of the nation's premier families and institutions.

Michiana Calligraphy Guild 
(SouthBend, Indiana, USA) has a new website.Great simple design!
Check the techniques/Paste Paper Recipes!

Joyce Teta/Calligrapher & Book Artist
Resolutions and Certificates
Excellent Certificate & Award Designs.Calligraphy Center
"We use 100% rag paper, and light-fast archival inks. every
  piece we do is unique, not something off a shelf."
Also view her Beautiful Calligraphic styles of Lettering

Take a peak at my favorite
Flourished Wedding Invitation by John Stevens!

Silberman Brown Wedding Invitations
Hand Painted Wedding Invitation & Calligraphy
by Pendragon/Spencerian Style

San Antonio Calligraphers Guild/Online Newsletter
The 2002 Calendars (are available and ready for purchase)
features Female Poets and their work

Calligraphy Projects and Tips/Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild

E-ketubah/Custom Ketubah
Micah Parker Artworks, Inc.

Your name in Hebrew /Sarah Leah
"To SarahLeah Hankes, the playful, vibrant Hebrew letters
     colorfully displayed in her paintings possess a presence and a
spirit � and a life of their own. 

Patriotic Prints/The Calligrapher's Quill
R. Rosen Studio was established in 1917 and is the oldest on-going calligraphy studio in the Boston area. In the late 1950's and early 1960's
J. R. Rosen Studio designed, engrossed,illuminated 
and copyrighted these patriotic pieces which have now been
enhanced and offered to you.
(The cost is only $10.00 per piece/ plus shipping)

Limited Edition Prints, Hand-Calligraphed, Signed and Numbered 
Designs from Original Papercuttings with Painting and Silk

Royal Birthday Calligraphic Card/OliviaStationery/UK
In honour of the Queen Mother,the card is more than
2 feet high and took three  months to complete.

Tagliente/Pioneers of the Illustrated Book

Wyatt and Tymms/Art of Illuminating


Calligraphers Engagement Calendar
THEME: Music
Deadline / Entries: January 19, 2001

information contact:
Carole Maurer - 2003 Calendar,
408 Minden Way,
Wynnewood, PA 19096 USA
Carole Maurer/email

The 2002 Calendar is now printed! Cover by Alice, calendarium pages by Anna Pinto.

 Letter Arts Review Magazine
15th annual international competition POSTMARK MARCH 1

email:John Neal, Bookseller
PO Box 9986, Greensboro, NC 27429
fax: 336-272-9015


Calligraphy Supplies & Gifts

NEW Paper & Arts /requestCatalog

Books on Manuscripts/Michele Brown/Amazon
Dr Michele P. Brown is Curator of Illuminated Manuscripts 
at The British Library /see her

Glossary: "Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: 
A Guide to Technical Terms"

The Making of a Manuscript/M.Brown

NEW CD Rom's/British Library Bookshop
The Lindisfarne Gospels Turning the Pages�CD

 Lunalux's ENZO INKS:
made with natural pigments,in small batches
from a variety of very old recipes.for more info:
email :Tim Gartman

Oh My Word Calligraphy/Store Gallery
Oh My Word is a gallery for the calligraphic arts, 
located in historic Ellicott City Maryland. 
The store is filled with hundreds of beautiful examples

of calligraphy from over 40 artists.

Chinese Calligraphic Bedspreds/Cushions/by Lang Lang

Calligraphy Pads /Paper People, UK

Finest quality Pigments & Materials/Restoration/Fine Arts
Check out the  Sinopia Information Section
for :Making Traditional Grounds & Gessoes
Making all kinds of inks

Small Churl Books
Books on the middle ages and renaissance,Calligraphy & Illumination.

Exquisite Crystal Dip Pens and Inkwells,Personalized Stationery, 
Rubber Stamps, Hand made Paper, Journals.

Handmade books,sealing wax etc...

The Southern Scribe
Repair of vintage writing instruments

 Claddagh Candle /Celtic  Shop/calligraphy
Book of Kells Candle

Cheerio T-Shirts for sale, designed by John Stevens
Japanese Kanji T-Shirts/Clyde Graphics

Past Times Online/UK & USA,Canada
Christmas Collection/Gifts:Illuminated Manuscript Locket,
Calligraphy Sets,Scriptorium Desk Box etc...

Musician Angels of the Blessed Angelic/Italy
(1387-1455) Lithographies on wood decorated with
aged gold leaves.


Events & Exhibitions

The CCC Colleagues of Calligraphy,St.Paul,MN
will host the 
2002 Conference
at St. John's University 
in Collegeville, MN on June 22 - 29, 2002.

Ardie Gallant, Editor/Newsletter
email: ardiesdesign@qwest.net
or:  ardie@ardiesdesign.com

2003 Conference
The Calligraphy Guild of Columbus
Teaching proposal must be received by January 15,2002
more details

INFO:Carol Kimball /carolism@columbus.rr.com
and Sandy Schaadt/ ArachNib@columbus.rr.com

The Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA)
is pleased to announce the opening of our 
International Calligraphy Conference Scholarship 2002. 

New Cyber Study Website


The Peace Project

SSI "Words as images"Online Exhibit/UK

The Guild of Book Workers Exhibit 2000-2002/

"The Best of the Best"

Printing: Renaissance & Reformation
Excellent images & text:From Manuscript Codex to Printed Book 

National Handwriting Contest -Zaner-Bloser Handwriting.

Paging through the Middle Lives/Online Images
The Utah Museum of Fine Arts and the 
J. Willard Marriott Library co-sponsor


Rubberstamping & Greeting Cards

Patriotic Stamps/A Country Welcome

Large Initial Medallions "Initially yours"/ggdesigns

Watercolors by Carol Sabo/Miniatures cards/calligraphy

Biblical Impressions/Calligraphic Verses

 Come Clean Designs Cards/ Contest
All cards will become the property of Come Clean Designs 
and will not be returned. All cards will be donated to
Keiki Cards
a local non-profit organization for children with life threatening illnesses. 

 A Stampers Paradise/Charity Auction

Embossing Arts Co./Cards & Stationary 

 Creating Faux Wax Seals/Project

CANDLE STAMPING /add Calligraphy /tips

Elizabeth LucasDesign
Calligraphy/ Inspirational cards

Cards by Anne/Calligraphic themes

The Card Rack/Think Ink

is an intriguing pastime combining navigational skills and rubber stamp artistry in a charming "treasure hunt" style outdoor quest.
Smithsonian Magazine/Article Letterboxing

Typographic Alphabet Rubbertamps
Stampers Anonymous


Typography &Computer Calligraphy
Celtic/Free Font "Kells" by Deffeyes

Rudolf Koch(1876 - 1950)
Pioneers of Editorial Design
Christian Symbols

Letterer, Type Designer, Teacher/Book

Typographic Alphabet Rubbertamps

Type Minds /Article
  By Richard Sine
"Behind every particle that fills a page, an unseen artist has worked
countless hours to make it letter perfect. "

CrazyDiamond Co /UK
High quality Historical Fonts


Frequently Asked Questions About Fonts

Handwriting/Script  download free fonts 

Paper Arts & Book Arts
Map/Marks & Paper/Workshops/Australia
Karen Ter Haar, Diane Ting and Cecilia Sharpley

New Bravissimo Paper/EmaginationCrafts
Distinctive Premium Art Papers

The Paper Palette Sampler Specials

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Anti-Vellum Sheer Heaven
You can dye it, dip it, dunk it and drown it!
And soak it and spray it and spritz it! It will dry like new every time -without a warp or a wrinkle.make a Luminaria Shade 

Translucent Vellum Envelopes/Marco Paper /Nov.SALE
 It seems that many people are much more comfortable
opening envelopes these days if they can see what's inside!
Marco's Paper Samplers

Papieroles/The Art of Filigree paper 

The Vellums 2001 Winter/Emagination Crafts
Adhesive translucent color papers

framed Guestlist keepsake.

Papershops Boxmakers
Make boxes from scratch out of any card stock.

 pH Pens and Chlorophenol Red/Article

The 1000 Journal Project

Invitations & Stationery
Hannah's handmade Papercut cards/UK

Hannah Handmade Cards & Invitations/USA

The Art of Dard Hunter/Cards/Cranberry Press
The original work represented here was done by Dard Hunter
between 1902 and 1911 while working with the Roycrofters or
  for clients in Vienna or London 

The Friends of Dard Hunter, Inc.
An international organization with a diverse membership whose interests center around handmade paper and related arts and crafts

Wedding Love Agreement/EuniqueExpressions

Medieval,Renaissance & Celtic Themes

Thanks you cards/notes
Designed by Julian Waters

19th Century Stationery Examples

Silberman Brown/ Wedding Invitations
Hand Painted Wedding Invitation & Calligraphy/Pendragon

Make your own Wedding Invitations 
Interractive CD ROM

Invitation Factory  Kits 

Self-standingPlacecards/leafs/topiaries/Wedding Tulle

Frameable Fine Art Greeting Cards/Nan Rae
 "The work of artist Nan Rae reflects her power 
of creative concept.  Asian in technique, her work is profoundly Impressionistic.  Her deft, rapid Oriental brush strokes capture the
viewer in a wonderous sweep of pure, free and energized freedom yet clearly contemporary,clean in form and candidly robust,
often exhilarating." (The artist handsigns each card.)

 FREE SoftwareDownloadable Scroll Template
Free wedding invitation and programs templates

Favorite Quotes Links

Quotes on LOVE
see examples at bottom of this table.

aBe more Creative!

Michael Noyes/ CalligraphyQuotes

Quotation Library/SuccessNet 
Michael Angier has been collecting inspirational quotations, quips, and one-liners from some of the world's greatest writers for over 15 years.

All in a Name
Look up the meaning of your name!Prints by computer

Surname History Scrolls 

 Fishy-Palindrome Page

My Word a day

World Wide Words
English form a Brittish viewpoint!

Calligraphy Articles
The Book of Hebrew Scripts/Letter Arts Review

Making all kinds of inks/Sinopia

The Art of the Celtic Monk

The Writing on the Wall
Penmanship, From Palmer to Palm Pilot by Jyoti Thottam

Many believe penmanship is losing out to technology
By Lynn Waldsmith / The Detroit News

The Secrets of Writing with Quills 

lived in an English cathedral city in the fourteenth, and into the
early fifteenth, centuries. A visionary, she wrote a theological treatise 
about her Showing of Love that is of  value in prayer and contemplation
today. She may also have participated in a medieval form of
the Internet, called the Friends of God, in which Mystics,
both men and women, across Europe shared their contemplative texts
and supported each other in their work of prayer,
hallowing Creator and Creation 

Holiday Links
Related Tools & Links 
$$$$$The Universal Currency Converter

US Customs Services

- online lessons in sign painting!

Art Links on the World Wide Web 

UTB Ultra Thin Bond� Adhesive

The Miter Maker
Use this durable plastic template as a maskfor creating 
perfect mitered borders for scrap booking, card making, 
all types of paper arts.


"All you need is love "
                                            ~John Lennon

become still inside.
                                  become the pen.
                                  become the letter.
                                  become the word.
                                  become the spirit.

                                               `~ suzuki shunryu

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain in life.
That word is love."

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Font used for my top Banner:Zapfino


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