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Wishing you all the best for 2001!
 I'm still recuperating from my PC crash!
Lost it all... So here are a few links to keep you surfing!

Calligraphy Links

 A.R.E. Publishing/Hebrew Calligraphy Certificates
 All of the A.R.E. certificates were created especially for us by Risa
Towbin Aqua, a talented young Jewish artist/calligrapher. These bright,
lively certificates are works of art that recipients will want to frame
and proudly display for years to come.



 Randall M Hasson~ Fine Art and Calligraphy
 "His artistic style incorporates calligraphy with illustration
  into paintings on large canvas. Media are mainly acrylic
 paint and acrylic inks.
  He will appear on the faculty of the 2001 International Calligraphy
Conference in Boston, MA.">

 Kitty Sabatier/France
Beautiful "Calligraphie gestuelle"
 Click on "en savoir plus" at the left bottom
then you can preview beautiful samples of the letter "A"
 under "gestuelle"

 Kathy Luff / UK Artist & Calligrapher

 "My paintings cover a range of subjects from flowers and gardens
through still life, townscape and portraits. Most work is in
watercolour, oil or acrylic, but I also draw in pencil and pastel."
 Artist and Calligrapher

 Caspi Card & Art/Judaica Calligraphy
 Features the "The Jewish Art Calendar "
 Beautiful artwork manuscript illumination styles!



 Peace Projects on the Net
 "Dear calligraphy friends --
 Simple, easy, a sharing.
 Create  square a 4 inch by 4 inch square.
 The subject is PEACE ...
 Your choice of medium, material, colors.
 Are you interested in answering the call?

 Email us now at projects@peace.net
and we'll let you know how you can help.

 Zapfino Font
 New from Linotype, a beautiful script designed by Hermann Zapf.
  Zapfino is available as individual styles in PS and TT format
  for Mac and PC or as a complete family on a CD-ROM.
 Individual styles only $29 each.

THE FONT STORE/Font Explorer

 The Hieroglyph Translator


 Cutting Quill Pens from Feathers
 great instructions & images


 Arabic Kelk/Cutting the pen

ExoticMall:Quill & feather pens
Savings and More, buy direct, ostrich plume ink pens,
feather ink pens, marabou feather ink pens and pencils,
 feather pencils, unique!



 Gotcha Images/Recipes


Celtic Art:A Brief Overview

Clannada na Gadelica /Academia Gadelica
The Clannada na Gadelica is a nonprofit educational
 corporation, registered in the State of Tennessee.


 Alphabet Cross Stitch Patterns

 Kelk: ArabicCalligraphy Online Lessons
 "Our goal is to teach Nastaliq from beginning to advanced. We have
presented these lessons as simple as possible, so learning Nastaliq
would be easier. "

 Beyond Cards
Stamp Zia's 2001 Art Gallery

 Custom Zia Mats

 NEW Awesome Art Papers
 "Earthly Pleasures" and "Feathers"

Tag Art Book Online Lessons
 by Linda Standart
"Tag Books make a wonderful introduction to the fine art of book
binding. The structure is actually that of a small pamphlet. It is also
the basic unit used to construct larger books with several groups of

 Delphi Rubber Stampers
 presents Newsletters & Sales On-line
 Wubba Stamps


 Reprotech Printing Services/Canada
 Great services:Postcards & T shirt printing~

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