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The Technique of Raised Gilding $24.95
by Jerry Tresser


Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /USA
Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /Canada
Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /UK
by Donald Jackson(Author),Christopher Calderhead (Designer),
Jerry Kelly (Designer)

Illuminations/Scribes at work

100 Treasures from The British Library/Cd-Rom

The Sherborne Missal Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM /British Library
The Lindisfarne Gospels Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM
Book of Kells/CD-Rom/Finns
Digital Scriptorium/Berkeley

Faksimile Verlag /mss reproductions
Finns Books/Mss reproductions
Huntington Library/List of Mss/images
The Manuscript Collection/ facsimiles 
Skriptorium/Manuscript facsimiles Editions

DUCTUS/Paleography CD-ROM/Uni.Melbourne

Making manuscripts/Video/Getty museum
Leaves of Gold/Exhibition of Manuscripts/PA

Virtual Museum of Illuminated manuscripts/ Marc Niederhauser

History of Writing

Evolution of Alphabets
EuroWeb/Illuminated Manuscripts 

Medieval Calligraphy/Harvard

Ancient Scripts/History of Alphabets
Books on Manuscripts/Michele Brown

Bibliotheca Palatina/Heidelberg/Digital mss
A Brief History of the Alphabet/CGGAB
Brief history of illuminated manuscripts/The Getty
The Evolution of Writing

An Evolution of the Alphabet
English CourtHand Alphabet
Evolution of the Latin Alphabet/animated
History of the Written letters/J.Bennett
History of Writing/Jack Kilmon
Bookmaking/15th-20th c
Parchment & Illumination/F.Brémont

Ancient Scripts
Ancient Writing Tools
Alphabet Family Tree

Artcyclopedia/Manuscript Illuminators
Carolingians/Charlemagne c.800
Dead Sea Scrolls/Library of Congress
Italic & cursive letters in 16th century Italy/UCLA

Italic Alphabet/England 17th c.sample
Index of Facsimiles Arranged by Script
Chronological Index
Medieval Manuscripts/Bodleian Library /UK
Medieval Scripts/Harvard
Medieval Renaissance Calligraphy
Medieval and Early Modern Manuscript Studies/Alberta,CA

Mediaevum/Medieval Studies
Medieval Manuscripts inFacsimile /Notre Dame Unv.
Medieval Writing/ Dr Dianne Tillotson
History of Type/Luc Devroye
Illuminations/Gothic (1200-1250)
Illumination Graphics/D.Griffith
Illuminated Middle Ages
Illuminations/Techniques Book of Hours
Introduction to Medieval Art/Dark Ages Mss

Italy /Exercises in  Latin Paleography by Fernando de Lasala, S.I. /PONTIFICIA   UNIVERSITA'  GREGORIANA

Guide to Illumination/Kirby
Kirby 1/Book of Hours
Image list/Kirby 1
Golden Gryphon
Ancient Scripts/Global
Ancient Scripts/Harvard
The Hieroglyphic Phonetic Alphabet

Scriptorium/History of Writing Fonts
Syracuse University Library/Mss
Vindolanda Tablets Online 
Writing in the Ancient World
Wikipedia Calligraphy encyclopedia
Wikipedia Calligraphy history/Latin alphabet

La Operina/Chancery Italic1522
Tagliente, Lo presente libro, 
(The present book), Venice 1524
Chancery Script 1527/Giovanantonio Tagliente
Modern Italic Flourishing/Mercator,NL
Oxford University/UK/Manuscripts

Palaeography for Scribes
Practicing Gothic Littera Bastarda Hand
Ductus Paleography Course

What is a Manuscript Dept.?
What is a Manuscript?

Step by step/C.Robertson
Small Illuminated book/SCA
Wolfgang Thun/Chart/Ductus Calligraphy
The Write Stuff/Regia Anglorum
Tools of Medieval scribes/Apslund
Tagliente/Pioneers of the Illustrated Book
Trajan Column
Trajan Column/Hans Presto Links
Trajan Column/Base Inscription
The Era of Trajan
Latin Inscriptions/Bill Thayer
Sumerians created cuneiform writing/history
Omniglot/Your name in many writings

Medieval Manuscript Images

Manuscripts for SALE
Paulus Swaen/SALE/Medieval Manuscripts Leaves
Charles Puckett/Manuscripts
Books for sale/Faksimile Verlag Luzern

The Royal Library - Copenhagen

ART of the BOOK/Metropolitain Museum

Altantia/Scrolls /SCA
Austria/Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek
SCA links to MSS/by century
Aquinas Manuscript/Book of Hours: General Information
Austin Museum of Art/B.Maisner
Authors Medieval/Scribe portraits/BNF

Koninklijke Bibliotheek/Web exhibits 
Bodleian Library/Oxford/Images
Western manuscripts to c. 1500/Bodleian
Bodleian Library/Oxford/Images Herbal/Flora
Book of Dorrow/images

Book of Kells /images
Book of Kells/History
Book of Kells/Faksimile Verlag Luzern
Book of Kells Prints/Gaelsong gifts

CD ROM of medieval images/B.Muir
Celtic Medieval Manuscripts
Celtic Manuscripts: Greek Script 
from Adamnan's Life of Columba
Celtic Alphabets/A.Meehan
Colorado College Tutt Library/dev.of the Book
Digital Medievalist/Celtic Resources
Digitalisierte Handschriften/Manuscripta-Mediaevalia
Early Manuscripts at Oxford University

ENLUMINURES:Mss images France

Gallery of Scrolls/Images
An Introduction to Illumination Techniques 
Fifteenth-Century Flemish Books of Hours 
Calligraphy Monuments/Inscriptions
Fifty Treasures from Glasgow University Library
The Golden Age of Illumination/Article

Glossary: "Understanding Illuminated Manuscripts: 
A Guide to Technical Terms"/Dr.Michele Brown
Fitzwilliam Museum-UK/Medieval Coins & Medals

Göttingen Gutenberg Bible Digital
Gutenberg Bible/Octavo/CD Rom
Gutenberg Bibles Around the world
Gutenberg Bible/Cooper Square Facsimile
Gutenberg Digital
Gutenberg Bible Goes Digital/NPR
The Keio Gutenberg Bible/Tokyo
GUTENBERG Bible/The British Library
GUTENBERG Bible/Bibliotheque Nationale

Latin Vulgate Bible Search Form (University of Chicago)
Books on Manuscripts/Michele Brown/Amazon
The Making of a Manuscript/M.Brown

 Hill Monastic Library/Collections
Illumination/Veda Crewe Joseph 
Illuminated Mss on parchment 12th - 16th c./Seven Seas Trading
Illuminated manuscripts (miniatures) from the 12th to 16thc 
Illuminated Manuscripts/Electronic labyrinth
Leaves of Gold/Exhibition &CD
An Image Collection of European Written Historical Documents
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts/
Libray of Congress/French mss
Windmaster's Scrolls/SCA
Woodcut Medieval ClipArt
Medieval Initials

Major Celtic Manuscripts

Makus Company/
sale of illuminated manuscripts and historical legal documents. 

Manuscript Collection & Images/by Museums

Manuscript Images/Georgetown
Manuscript images/links by Elyse Boucher 

Manuscripts Images/UPenn
Manuscript Images/Columbia

Manuscripts Octavo Marginalia
Medieval Art for Today/Monograms,Versals-D.Calvert
Medieval Manuscript Leaves/Rochester Institute of Technology 
Medieval Manuscripts/Seven Seas Trading

Manuscripta Mediaevalia/Germany
Medieval miniature Collages
Medieval Multimedia/Univ. of Melbourne
 Medieval Scandinavian calligraphy
Medieval Seals
The Library of the Medieval Institute
The Illuminated Middle Ages

Mythology images/global
Paging Through Medieval Lives/images

Manuscript Images atWeb Gallery of Art
Book in progress/Medieval style/SCA
Timeline ART history/Metropolitain Museum
Medieval Art

Regional and Global Characteristics
  of Illuminated Manuscripts
Printing: Renaissance and Reformation/Images of Mss

Rome to Renaissance/Styles of letters

Tres Riches Heures du Moyen Age
Richard and Mary Rouse collection/UCLA Medieval mss
Regional & Global characteristics of MSS

Books on Medieval Manuscripts
Medieval Irish Book Shrines & Satchels

Irish Scripts on Screen 
The use of Books in Early Irish Monasteries

Manuscript /Middle Age links
Making of a manuscript/T.Sweek
"How To" Articles/links/Manuscripts
Medieval Woodcut Clip art

Renaissance illuminated manuscripts (1500-1550)
Calligraphy & Illumination links/by centu
Colophon/illuminated ms
Moleiro/Replicas Ancient manuscripts

Archival& Manuscript
Repositories in USA

Before the Printing press/Cary
Medieval/Renaissance Books/ORB
The Italian Renaissance/Authors & text

The Italian Renaissance/Layout for Scrolls
 Renaissance Faire

Dragonsblood & Ashes
Medieval & Brass Rubbings
The Gutenberg School of Scribes (SCA)
Vatican:1451 International Ltd
Workshops Technology of the Medieval Book.
Old English Pages
Oxford Library/Early Manuscripts
Medieval Tapestries
Decorated Capitals/Medieval/French
Interpreting Ancient Manuscripts Web
Textual Criticism and Manuscript Interpretation
Manuscripts,Paleography & Codicology/Links
Mediaevum/Germany links


A Collection of Medieval SEALS/
Facsimiles at the Medieval Institute

Access to the Middle Ages:Medieval Manuscripts in Facsimile
The Scriptorium Encyclopedia Scriptoria
Scandinavian medieval manuscripts./VikingLady
Museum Replicas Limited/Shop
NewYork Carver/Tour of Medieval Castles
Life in a Medieval Castle
Medieval/Online course supplements
A brief history of scriptoria
Utah University/images of Arabic,Latin & Persian collection 
Wyatt and Tymms/Art of Illuminating

Willamette University�s Digital Mimesis Project

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts 
at Princeton University Library/
Teaching the Medieval Book in Holland
 Timeline of Art History/MET

SELECTED PAPERS/Gazette du livre medieval
Comité international de paléographie latine

Manuscript Study Trips/The Abbey Studio
for additional information.
Exhibition:Illuminating the Renaissance Time Line: Flemish manuscript painting in Europe//Royal Academy of Art,London

Books of Hours/Leaves of Gold/Philadelphia


Lessons for Beginner Scribes on How to Illuminate SCA Scrolls

Heirloom Artists-Calligraphers & Illuminators
Henry Hyde/Ilumination
Illuminated Certificates of Marriage/Risa Gettler

Heraldry& Family Trees/M.Linskey
Illuminated Graphics/David R. Griffith
Illuminated Manuscripts/Randy Apslund
The Illuminated Page/Contemporary illumination/Paris
St-John's Bible/Donald Jackson
Illuminated Manuscript of the New Testament
by James G. Pepper

Illuminations.Biz/Florence Bremond
Illuminations/Diane Calvert
Illuminations/Jen Fraser/Raised Gold
Illuminations/Guild of the Crimson Rose Scriptorium
Illumination/Barbara Jupe/UK
Illuminations/Dewan Design/Dorothy Dewan
Illumination/Mel B Ahlborn
Illuminations/Margaret Davis

Illuminations/Joseph Batlle/Arteilluminandi
Illumination/Veda Crewe Joseph

Tresser,Jerry/Gilding & Calligraphy
List of Books on Illumination/links
Glossary of Illumination terms

Majolica/Medieval ceramic painting
Make Your Own Medieval Manuscript!
The Making of a Scroll/SCA
Medieval Manuscript Manual 
Miniscriptures/Jonathan Blocher/Simple Gifts
Manuscritures/Simple Gifts
Mark Calderwood/Illuminated Manuscripts
Medioevo Italiano.
Middle Ages/Europe/Portal
Karen Gorst

Nouvelle Chevalerie/Illuminations/France
New York Carver
The Painted Word project/J.Sparks
A Primer in Calligraphy and Illumination/By Åke Eldberg

Robert C. Williams Museum of Papermaking

Susan Bondurant Gallery/Medieval

Scriptorium di Manoscritti/Miniati/UK
Text Manuscript/Les Enluminures
Armarium Labyrinthi: Labyrinth Latin Bookcase
Latin Culture Resources

The Declaration of Independence Scroll
Handwriting Samples of Historical Documents
Magna Carta/Charter
Magna Carta Text
The Lord's Prayer in 1049 languages/dialects 
"St. Thomas Aquinas" 

Bizantium/History & Links
Byzantine & Medieval Studies Sites 

SCA(Society for Anachronism)
SCA(Society for Anachronism)
The Lochac College of Scribes/SCA
SCA/Yahoo WebRing
SCA links to MSS/by century
SCA/Links to illumination
The East Kingdom of the SCA
The Gutenberg School of Scribes


Anglo-Saxon Charters
Anglo-Saxon Charters and Writs
Anglo-Saxon England
British Dragons in History
Celtic Illuminated Manuscriptsl
Collage: Guildhall Art Gallery /London
Digital Library /Scotland/Mss
Medieval History
Elizabethan England/Renaissance
English CourtHand Alphabet
English Culture/2000 yrs of History
English Handwriting 1500-1700/online course
English/Regia Anglorum/Mss

King of England from 1461-1483, 
Glastonbury/Isle of Avalon/Time-Scapes
The Mythical Quest/British library
Roman Britain
Latin Inscriptions/Bill Thayer
Britannia/King Arthur
Medieval England
Royal Genealogy/Europe
The William Morris Internet Archive
&Notes on the Illuminated Books
 of the Middle Ages 
The Book of Kells/Trinity College,Dublin
The Arts in Victoria England
Who'sWho in Tudor History
Circle of Victoriana/Links
Images of Medieval Art& Architecture
The R.C.Williams Museum of Papermaking
The History of Printing
Technology of Mss
Mary Queen of Scots/Portrait
Monastic Scriptoria
Medieval Colleges
Medieval Architecture in London
Windsor Castle/
 as illustrated by Edwardian artists
History of Camelot
Kings & Queens of England, Scotland, Wales
The Art of Ex Libris/bookplate
Uniting the Kingsoms
Ye Olde English Sayings

Titivillus/Patron Demon of Calligraphers
Titivillus/Patron of Scribes
Titivillus/Patron of Misspelling
"Colophons" of Medieval times

Roman Archeology
Roman Numericals Conversion Table
Roman Calendar
Roman History Essays
Roma Philosophy/Cicero
Electronic History /docmts
Project Gutenberg
The History Net
Who Was Charlemagne?

Weddings/ Medieval

click for calligraphy-wedding links 

Celtic ,Irish,Scottish jewelry, /Celtic merchant
Celtic Wedding Rings/Celtic Jewelry links
Celtic Calligraphy links/Cynscribe
Cooking/Medieval Links
Gothic Weddings
Hill Monastic library /Cards &Gifts Online
Illuminated Certificates of Marriage/Risa Gettler

Manuscript Cards/Lattice Invitations/UK
Medieval Gifts/Past Times
Medieval/Renaissance Wedding
Medieval Renaissance Calligraphy/Alfredo M.
Medieval Reenactment/France
Medieval Rings:jewelery
Medieval Weddings/Index 
Medieval Wedding themes
Medieval Wedding Accessories
Midnightgarden/Medieval Weddings
Renaissance Writings/Wedding Links
Renaissance/Faire Lists
Setting a Medieval Table
Stefan's Florilegium/Weddings
Traditional Scottish Weddings
Ultimate Wedding Internet Guide
Weddings Links
Weddings /catalog invitations
Wedding/ Classic Toast
Wedding toast/Groom

Join the Medieval & Renaissance Wedding Ring

Fresco Art
PBS/Fresco Revival
Caves of Lascaux
Cave of Chauvet Pont d'Arc
Master Painters/Yahoo Links
Michealangelo Buonarroti
Free Michelangelo Wallpaper
FREE manuscript Wallpaper
Michelangelo/Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel/Cappella Sistina 
Story of Lascaux discovery

Links & Ressources
Archival Ressources
Ancient Scripts/Links
Andrew D.Washton/Medieval Rare books/NYC
Bryde's Medieval Website URL Swap
Bryde's Medieval & Fantasy RPG Resources 
 Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages
Deanna Faye/links to Book of hours
Elyse Boucher's Links to MSS 
"How To" Articles/links/Manuscripts
Internet Medieval Sourcebook
Labyrinth/Medieval Resources
List of Books on Illumination
Medieval Feminist Index
Mona Lisa & Leonardo Da Vinci Links
NetSERF/medieval resources
Medieval Greeting Cards/Links
The Middle Ages/links
Medieval History/links
Medieval Institute/Unv.Notre Dame
Medieval Internet Sourcebook
Medieval Monasticism
Medieval New York
Medieval Seals
The Modern Middle Ages in NZ
The WWW Virtual Library
A Time-Line of Medieval History
Trajan Column/Hans Presto Links
Translations of women's writing
before 1700

Renaissance Faires/Links
Directories/Renaissance Faires
Medieval and Renaissance WEBRing 
Renaissance Links
Renaissance/Faire Lists
Faire Links
SCRIBE Network/Renaissance Faire
The League of Renaissance Merchants

Art History Ressources
Ancient World Cultures
Bizantine & Medieval Links
Christy's Garden of History/Timeline
OnLine Medieval Library/Berkeley
ORB/Links to MSS
ORB/Links to Medieval Studies
Links/Mss Historical Interests
Links/Renaissance sites
Renaissance, the Elizabethan World!
TimeTable/History of mss
Timelines of Art History
Rules of Penmanship c1611
"Booke of secrets" Ink Recipes c1596
Manuscripts  Links
Manuscript links/Syracuse
Wisconsin Unv/Art History/search by artist
Tools of Medieval scribes/Apslund
Texts, Manuscripts, and Palaeography/links
Article/Codex Argenteus
Article/The Keepers of Knowledge
Medieval Studies at Purdue Unv.
Medieval Tresure Hunt
Maravot's Links

Book of Kells/CD Rom
British Library CD Rom's
101 Treasures of the British Library CD-ROM
The Sherborne Missal Turning the Pages� on CD-ROM /British Library
The Lindisfarne Gospels Turning the Pages�
DUCTUS/Paleography CDROM
Calligraphic Ornaments Clip Art/CD Rom 
Beatae Mariae ad usum Romanum,1524 /Octavo
The Theodore Psalter/Univ. of Illinois CDRom
The Hengwrt Chaucer Digital Facsimile/University of Sheffield 
Inventory of Insular & Anglo-Saxon Illuminated Manuscripts 
 Norman Ross Publishing Inc./Rare Manuscripts
Small Churl Books/Medieval & Calligraphy
Internet Renaissance Band
The Gregorian Chant Home Page

Gutenberg Digital Bible/CD ROM

The Roman Calendar/Paul Lewis/UK
Roman Numeral & Date Conversion
Calendar Tools

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Books on Medieval Scribes/Illumination

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