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Top Ten WEBsites/Calligraphy Guide

Luc DevroyeCalligraphy Links

 Society of Scribes/NYC

New York Times (1999)
New York Times (2006)


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Arky of Toast

Dave Wood/AUS

Calligraphy Centre

Michael Noyes

Hil-ink/Hillary Williams
Izzy Pludwinski
Hassan Massoudy
Lettering, Calligraphy and Design by Ray Ritchie
The Southern Scribe/Pens 

The ABC Guild/B.C.,Canada
Australian Society of Calligraphers, Inc.
Bow Valley Calligraphy Guild
Colorado Calligraphy Guild
Calligraphy Guild of Columbus 
Calligraphy Guild of Pittsburgh
Colorado Calligraphers' Guild
San Antonio Calligraphy Guild
Society for Calligraphy/Los Angeles,CA
The Greater Rochester Penmanship Club
Washington Calligraphy Guild

Handwriting links/K.Gladstone
Rand Org.
Barbar Yale-Read
Varmit's Valley
Ann's Place
Chris Foster
Michael O'Brien
Brenda Susan Kaldenbach/Hebrew Scribe
Ealdormere Scribal Website /SCA
Annie Cicale

Cecilia's Lettering Art
The Creative Zone
Gallery Opus/Hong Kong
Amazon's Jungle

Dieter Freyer Büttenpapier - handmade paper /Vienna
USA Online/Canada

Awaiting link exchange
John Neal
Letter Arts Review



Luc DevroyeCalligraphy Links

Artists of the Web/Ring
Art Links
Arts, Crafts & Interesting Places! 
Art Search/Resources
Art Studios and Galleries /Links
Art on the WEB/Links
Australia/Craft fairs
Calligraphy Ring/ Index
Cheap Joes/Art Links
"Coracle" Celtic Bookmarks
CoolArchives/Free stuff
Crafts & Hobby WebRing
Crafts/Search & links
Crafts/Topsites Creative Junctions
Creative Zone/Links
DataVillage/Calligraphy Links
Directory Of Illustration/Julian Waters
Email Topics/Calligraphy 
Encarta/Calligraphy Topics
Glen�s Pen Page/Links
Greeting Cards/Links
Guild.Com/Art Search engine
Handwriting links/K.Gladstone
How To
Illumination& Calligraphy Links
Invitations & Announcement Links
Invitations/more links
Letter Arts Review/links
Letterspace Nexus/Links
Librairies/Links around the world
Links2go/Calligraphy & Fonts
Manuscripts  Links
Middle Ages MSS/Links
Other Calligraphy Links/Rand 
Oriental Brushstroke /WEBring
Paper Links
Pegasus Art Gallery/80 artists
Professional Scribes & Lettering Artists
PrintMaking Links
SAC NewsMonthly/Arts & Crafts Listings
Scribal Links (SCA)/Scrolls
StudyWeb/Fine Arts
Sino-Art/Fine arts/links
Vellum Gallery/Links
Village Calligrapher/Links

Handy Internet Ressources
"Destinations"/Maps/History etc

Computer Terms/EnglishFrench
Computer & Copiers/ Ink CartridgesRefills
Alta Vista Translations

The Universal Currency Converter

USA Postal Codes 
USA/Find a Person/Address & Telephone
Canada/USA Postal Codes 

NetLingo (defintions Internet terms)
Puter School
Internet Ressources /Millennium

Hoaxes /Virus on the net

 Britannia/Travel to the UK
Windows on Italy/history
Italy:Palladio's Villas/medieval

Webpage Design Resources
Ask Jeeves/Search
A HandyGuide/links
DataVillage Search

Cynscribe's Various Links

Childresn's imprintables links
Sacred Sites Around the World
SweetAspirations/Webdesign Resources
Of Faerie Folk & Kin/Elves
Fiona's Faerie Cottage
A to Z Healing Links
Lollies Freebee Links
GVO Money/Financial Wit & Wisdom 
Hartfield Manor/Victoriana
Art Links/Largest archive
Julian Adamaitis, Fractelligent Designs
Pottery Courses/UK
Unpainted Furniture/UK
Tempford Stained GlassUK
T-Shirt Shopper/ Links
T-Shirts Designs by John Stevens/Cheerio
 Electroformed  Foil Stencils/UK
Relaxation Techniques
Aerial Views/Maps/Encarta

Designer Stencils/US
look under category "Tile & Lettering"
Brass Stencils/UK

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