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Foundations of Calligraphy:
Sheila Waters 2006


Celtic Symbols : 18 Rubber Stamps

$13.95 (US)
CDN $ 23.07 
UK £11.39

The Book of Kells Painting Book
by Aidan Meehan

USA  $9.95 
CDN $ 14.99 
UK £11.39 

Symbols of the Book of Kells : 
18 Rubber Stamps

USA $13.97 
CDN$ 23.07 
UK £11.39

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Acid-free Albums

Address labels Handlettered/Kathryn Hart
Address Labels/More than Paper
Address Labels/Calligraphy/Ruth Schellbach
Address labels stamps- personalized/Felix Doolittle
Address labels/Egyptian Style/Superior Labels
Address Labels/Friendship Gestures, Inc.

Custom Labels-Lightning Labels

Address labels-Trinity Dreams/invitations
Address labels-Write Expressions/Stationery

A Dream Wedding/invitations,favors & accessories
Albums by Amery
Albums/Handmade by Central Crafts
Albums/Leather/Cavallini & Co
Albums/Mulberry Handmade
Frame Journals/Cre8it
Frame it kits/Stickers/Lettering templates/Deja Views
Albums & Frames/Advantage bridal
Albums & Journals/Botanical Paperworks
Albums & Journals/Jenni Bick
Albums & Journals/K.Schweizer
Albums & Journals/On Paper
Albums/Journal des Memoirs
Albums/Leather/Scribe's Delight
Albums/Mini Albums  by Collage
Albums Supplies/Calligraphy
Album Source/Wedding & Baby
Album Titles/peel off/Deja Views

Burnes Wedding Keepsake Album
Albums/Padded Memories
Jenni Bick/Albums-Bookbinding

Calligraphic Album/Wedding Anniversary memory book/Cynscribe
Albums/Wedding/Magnetic pages/Cynscribe
Celtic Knots Leather journals/Cynscribe

Alia Designs Invitations
All the best Invitations
Amalfi Paper /Cavallini & Co
American Wedding Album
American Stationery
Ann's Wedding Stationery
Angel Stationery/cards
Anna Griffin/Invitation Design
Anniversary invitations
Ann's Bridal/ Hand Painted Invitations
Aubrey Graphics /Invitations
Arlene Segal Design Group 
Arthur's Invitations & Prints/NYC
Artistic Enhancements/Tips
Arturo Fine Stationery/Legion Paper
As You Wish/cards
Autumn Writings/calligraphy invitations

Baby Announcements/Renaissance Writings
Baby Cards/Elegant Handmade Creations
Baby Bears/Kathy Wise Designs Inc.
Baby Invites/That's my baby
Baby Keepsake Album Software
Baby/Personalised keepsakes
Baby & Special Occasions Personalized/CowboyChuck
Baby/Shower Invitations
Baby Story kit
BABY/Wording for invitations

Baptism cards/As you Wish

Bar Mitzvah Invitations /Invitations123

Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Invitations
Bar/Bat Mitzvah Invitations
BCreative/Guest Scrolls Invitations
Beckoning Design
Bella Baby
Birth Announcements/Celebrate Invitations
Birth Announcements/Design Crafters
Birth Announcement/Martha Stewart/make it
Birth/You're invited
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Blank Cards/Keysan
Blank journals & albums/Paperblank Book Company & Cynscribe

Bloomin' Flower Cards�
Blooming Quill/Debi/Calligraphic Invitations
Bluebird Invitations

Blue Vellum/handmade invites
Buening Engravers
Blank "Messenger" Scroll
BluePrint/ Wedding Stationary/South Africa


Creative Cards 4U/NYC/Petals In Love Invitation

Calvin Nicholls/Paper Sculpture
Cast Paper Sculpture/K.Dryer

CDG Gallery/Original Invitations/NYC
Celebrations Galore/imprintables
Celtic & Scottish Stationary
C'est Papier
Checkerboard/Comtemporary invitations
Checkernet Invitations
Chelsea Paper
Classic Notes & Gold Clips
Claudia Calhoun Invitations
Colors by Design/Invitation supplies
Comparing Invitation Prices

Computer Calligraphy Links

Classic Communications/Tickelopes,purse,shoe styles
Colors by Design/Floral paper
Couture Calligraphy & Stationery/Stephannie Barba
Couture Invitations/Arak Kanofsky Studios
Couture Invitations/Michelle Mospens
Couture Invitations/The Pulp Studio
Crafted cards/handpainted silhouettes
Cranberry Press/Cards & Notes
Crane's/Social Papers
Crane's Blue book/phrases & etiquette
Creations by Elaine
Creative Designs Online/Blank cards
CreativeParties Ltd
Custom Creations Unlimited, Inc. 

Custom-printed and blank stationery


Custom Birth Announcements by Elaine Adler
Dauphine Press Invitations
David Gregory Inc.,
DeMilo Designs/letter Press
Dempsey & Carroll/Stationery Engravers,NY
Designer Papers
Designer Weddings/Suzanne Moore
Dio Selina
Diva Designz/gifts personalized pillows,plates monograms
DIY Papers/Invitations
"Dont Forget" KIT/M.STEWART
Einvite/supplies for invitations
Eggplant Invitations
Elaine�s Hand -cut Paper Designs

Elegant Handmade Creations
Elegant Notion
Elegant Pen/Spencerian Penmanship
Embossed Graphics/Personalized Invitations
EMJ Graphics/printing 
Envelope Addressing /Joyce Teta/Calligraphy
Envelope Express/Invitation envelopes
Envelope Seals
Envelopes & envelope Books
Envelope Mall
Envelopments®/Custom programs invitations
Envelopments/Remote Assistance
Envelopments/Elegant Handmade Creations/Pocket Folds/NYC
Erickson Design/Wedding invitations
Especially for me Invitations
Etiquette/Calligraphy/Wedding Blue Book
Everyday Necessities/Watercolor cards/P.S. I love you
EXACLAIR, /Sophisticated stationery 
Fabriano Stationary/Savoir Faire
Fergie's Stationery Studio
Felix Doolittle /note cards/watercolor illustrated
Festivale Invitations & Favors
Fine Stationery/William Arthur/Monograms
Florentine Gift wrap/Durwin Rice 
Fold-Over Vellum Invitations
Gaddis Design/Invitation Kits
Gift enclore cards/Alicia Tormey Designs
Golden Quill invitations/Fine stationery
Grafcomm/Discount Paper,env. & ribbon 
Guestures/Framed Signature Cards Scroll
HanaHou Couture Letterpress Invitations
Tropical,Surf ,Hawaiian,Beach,Vineyard theme
Handmade by Heather
Handmade Wedding Invitations/Moltz Design 
Handmade Invitations-Design by Demeter®
Handmade invitations/Moltz Design
Handmade Invitations/Paperwerks
Handmade Himalayan Lokta stationery/Jenni Bick

Hannah Handmade Cards /Custom Invites
Happy Occassions/Bar Mitzvah & Weddings
Harriet Rose Calligraphy & Design
Hebrew & English Wedding Invitations/Invitations 123
Helena's Wedding Invitation 
Hil-Ink Calligraphy/Hilary Williams
Holly Monroe Calligraphy & Design
Ideal Rose/Celtic/ Wedding Stationery/UK
Il Papiro Firenze
Indian wedding card invitations
Individual Papers/handmade

Ink.Ink. Stationery & Invitations/Vermont
Invitation Cover Illustrations/Pier Gustafson
Invitations Etc../Information etiquette
Invitations Plus/by Inscribe
Invitations & Calligraphy by Miriam
Invitations & Calligraphy by Laura
Invitations by Alicia
Invitations by Dawn/US & Canada
Invitations Galore
Invitation House Calls/J.R.Rosen Studio/Emerald Invitations
Invite Site/letterpress & sets
Impressionables/Fold'n'go invitations/blank card stock
IBY/Invitations by you
Iras Peripheral Visions/NYC
Irish Weddings
Jamie Ostrow/Engraved stationery
Janice's Invites
JB Ink. Discounted Invitations!/Calligraphy 
J.B.Ink/Discounted/ Expressions of Love
Jenifer Lee
Jenny Hooke /WeddingCalligraphy
Joan Breman Ink./Invitation
Jon Lipshutz Correspondence

Julie Holcomb/LetterPress
Kate's Paperie/NYC
Karen Morse Design/Invitations
Karonimo/custom handmade invitation cards
Kits/We are Paper /Handmade
Kozo Arts/Albums & Papers
LadyBug Papers
Laura & Company/Wedding & Anniversary cards
Laura Paladino Invitation Design/Canada
Lavender Press/Invitations,paper designs by Stephanie Carron
LCI Paper/Blank Wedding Invitations Cardstock
LetterPerfect Stationery/Santa Barbara, California.
LetterPress Invitations/Page
Lin Altman/illustrator
Lincoln Stationers 
Lion in the sun/Park Slope,NY
Lion in the Sun of Huntington,NY
lisa hu chen/Design Invitations
LJ cards/Handmade invitations/Nova Scotia
Loralin Designs
Love Letters/Watkins&Watkins
Lunalux Art & Design/Letterpress Stationary
Madison Park Greetings
Madison Signatures
Martha Stewart "Crafts"/Stationary
Medioevalis Envelopes & Cards by Fabriano
Message Scrolls/unique wedding scrolls/Australia
Michaels' Invitations/Calligraphy
Michael Noyes/CalligraphyNotes
Mission Creek Press/Invitations/Lavadour
Monograms/Madison Signatures/matchbooks  & Stickers
More than Paper/Cards & Invitations
MVS Wedding Invitations /Marie Versailles Studios/Canada
My Gatsby/Unique Invitaions
Nostalgic Paper Memories 
Note Cards& Stationery/Save on Crafts SALE
Noteworthy Notes/handmade
Oblation Paper & Press/Floral handmade/letterpress
Origami Plus/invitations/Montreal,Quebec
Page Letterpress Stationery
Papel Vivo/Handmade paper/ embossed invitations
Paper Affair
Paper by Olga Invitations/Petal-floral
Paper Direct/Layered Invitations
Paper Elegance

Papermints stationery
Paper Planet Design 
PaperTrails/Invitations handmade
Paper Treasures/Calligraphy by MarieClaire
Paper Shed/kits/UK
PaperChase Invitations
Paper Style
The Papery/Greenwich
Parchment Invitations/Orlando,FL
Party Arts/CT
Party Printer/Online discount/Carlson
Party & Wedding invitations/Cyberpaper
Personal Stationery by William Arthur
Personalized Staionery/Write Away
Personalized Prints/Creative Calligraphy
Pineider/Italian stationery
Phoenix Art Supply 
Place cards/Elegant Handmade Creations
Place cards/Color by Design
Place Cards/Hannah Handmade Cards 
Placecard holders/Weddings by Dezign
Place card holder/Martha Stewart
Place Card Holders /Adirondack Chair
Placecard holders/Glimmers/Twinking lights/heart & star
Place card holders/Gold chairs/Advantage Bridal
Plantable cards,bookmarks ornaments/SandScripts
Prentiss Douthit wedding invites
The PrintShoppe/Personalised items
Pyragraphics wedding invitations

LA Stamperia /LetterPress Invitations
Pleasant Thoughts Invitations
Pochette Folders
PristinePen/Karen Baker/Calligraphy
Purple Vellum Studio
Quick Invite
Quills Invitations & Fine Papers/Hamilton,ON
Real Card Studio
Reaves Engraving
Red Bliss Invitations/Christine Traulich
Remote Assistance Invitations/Envelopments
Renaissance Writings/Handmade invitations
Renner Invitations/Wording etiquette
Robert Soucie/21st century Scribes/invitations
RosaScript/ Maria  Thomas of Pendragon Ink 
Rosemary Hall/Calligraphic Invitations
Sample Verses/for Invitations
San Lorenzo Fine Italian Stationery/Bartoletti pens/USA
SandScripts/Invitations Supplies
SandScripts/Invitation KIT
Sandstone Wedding Invitations
Save the date stickers/personalized/Felix Doolittle
Scriptura/Calligraphic Invitations/Store
Scroll invitations/Handwritten Calligraphy Wooden Scroll Invitations
Scroll Invitations/UK
Scroll Invitations by Demeter
Blank "Messenger" Scroll
Scroll invitations /Indian wedding card invitations
Scroll Paper for invitations
Scroll Wedding Invitations
Seashell Greeting Card
Invitation Seals/Paper Direct
Silver Menu holders/M.Stewart
Software for publishing Invitations/LCI
Something New Invitations & Stationery
SoulMade Invitations/Celtic designs
Spanish/Invitations Illustrated
Stacy Claire Boyd Invitations
Starr Designs/Calligraphy
Stationery Express
Stationery Studio/personalized gift wrap & cards
 Stock Photography Australia :Mark Ingram 
Storybook Wedding Invitations/De Milo
Studio Daedre
Studio Z/Stationary & Menus/Place cards
Sweet Melissa Invitations

Thank you Notes/DIY Papers
Thanks you note/Letterpress/De Milo
Thank you notes &stationery/Cynscribe

Thank You Scrolls/Mape Designs
Traylor Papers

Trinity Dreams/invitations & Address labels
Tropical Designs/Michelle Bukuts
Twinrocker Handmade Paper & Cards
Twisted Limb/Invitations handmade
Two Hands Paperie 

Valentine cards & stationery/Cranes
Vatican:1451/Stationery and Boxed Notes
Vera Wang Wedding invitations/Madison Signatures
Vickerey/Note cards & Gifts
Victorian letter writing Etiquette
Victorian Certificates/Origins
Verse It
Walnut Hill Invitations

Wedding tulle invitations

Western Winds Studio/Western style invitations
William Arthur Stationery
William Arthur Stationery/David Gregory Inc.
Wood free papers/Green EN
Wording Samples/Gaddis Design
List of wording samples/Color by Design
Write for you/Calligraphy wedding essentials/Judith McCabe
The Write Occasion
Writer's Camp
Writing Papers/Incarnation
List of wording samples/Colors by Design
XYZink/Calligraphic invitations
You're Invited

"Imprintables" Blank cards/
Make your own invitations

Carlson Craft Imprintables
Creative Designs Online Imprintables
Designer Papers/Templates for invitations
DIY Papers/imprintable cards invitations
Envelopments®/Custom programs invitations
Imprintables Stationary/invitations
Imprintables/Gabriel Editions
Imprintables/Kickball Designs
LCI Paper
My Personal Artist/Imprintable invitations/Michelle Mospens
Papel Vivo/Handmade paper

Print it-Do it Yourself/Softwares & paper

Calligraphy by Encore Studios
Camelot Wedding Software
Canon Print Planet/Cards
Carlson Craft Imprintables
C & J Paper/Blank paper stock
The Complete Wedding Publisher/ED-IT
Do it yourself/CD rom/Bonnidee/Canada
DIY Papers/Handmade Paper Stationery/Imprintable
 Envelopes ByHand.® /Software
FREE Wedding invitation Templates/Southworth
Gaddis Designs kits
IBY/Invitations by you
Instructions on How to Print With Designer Paper
Kustom Kreations
The Italian Taste/download 
Mountain Cow/Custom Software for invitations
Sanscripts/Imprintable sets/desktop
Scrolls,invites,menus & programs templates/FREE/PaperAlchemy

Seating Arrangement®/Software

Wedding Magic Version 3.0
Wedding Invitation/ Print it Kit/Gaddis Design
Wedding Invitations Store
Wedding Postcards
Wedding Software
Invitesite/Wedding papers
SouthWorth/Downloads tempaltes

LetterPress & Engraving services,Invitations 

Aardvark Letterpress/Los Angeles
A bit of ink/Monica Lima Mirones 

Bella Figura Letterpress Invitations/Syracuse,NY
The Bixler Press & Letterfoundry
Campaign 1919/Letterpress stationery
Cary Press/Letterpress Notecards 

Century Guild Press/ Pasadena
Chester creek press/letterpress
Claudia Laub/ Los Angeles

Dauphine Press Invitations
DeMilo Designs/letterPress
DH Productions/Letterpress & Hand Binding
DH Productions/Wedding Programs
Eddens Letterpress/NYC
Exclamation Invitations
Fond-Regards/Stationery & Cards
HanaHou Couture Letterpress Invitations
Invite Site/letterpress & sets/DIY Invitation with lined envelope
Jamie Ostrow/Engraved stationery
Julie Holcomb/LetterPress
Kate's Paperie/NYC
The Kenspeckle Letterpress
Lavender Press/Invitations
LetterPress Invitations/Page
Letterpress placecards/Wedding Tulle
Lunalux Art & Design/Letterpress Stationary
Marsville Letterpress/Toronto,Canada
Modern Press/Brooklyn,NY
Net1 Graphic design/Letterpress
Oblation Paper & Press/Floral handmade/letterpress
Page Letterpress Stationery
Papel Paper & Press/LA,California
Papel Vivo/Handmade paper/ embossed invitations
Paper Monkey Press/letterpress
Paper-Source/Custum letterpress
Paperwhite Studio
Papivore:engraved cards
The Painted Tongue Press
Piccolo Press /Scotland
Real Card Studio/calligraphic styles
Soolip Letterpress
Soleberry/modern stationers
Turtleback Press/Notecards
LA Stamperia /LetterPress Invitations

LetterPress Printing/Links
LetterPress Show & Tell
What is Letterpress?
Z-Tree Studio

Wedding Invitations 

more Calligraphy sites 

25 Free Wedding Invitations
Access Invites
Adirondack Graphics
Albums Supplies/Calligraphy/UK
Albums/Calligraphy Etc

Alpine Creative Group
E Frames/Albums & Journals
Anna Griffin/Invitation Design
Discount pricing on Anna Griffin's blank stock!
Ann's Bridal/ Hand Painted Invitations

At the Page/Invitations
Aquarius Design/Calligraphic/Album Supplies
BCreative/Guest Scrolls Invitations
Beckoning Design
Be our Guest Invitations

Blacker & Kooby Stationers/NYC

Bliss Ink

Botanical Paperworks/Wedding invitations
Bridal Invitations
Bridal Shower Invites/Fill ins/
Brides Magazine /Wedding invitation links
Brides & Babes/Calligraphy Certificates
Buening Engravers/N.C.USA
Canada's Top wedding sites

Calligraphic Invitations & 
Envelope Addressing

A bit of ink/Monica Lima Mirones 
Address Labels/Calligraphy/Ruth Schellbach
Andrew van der Merwe/Invitations/South Africa
Apache Wedding Blessing /Sherrie Lovler Calligraphy
Artists Hand/Michele L. Keele/MO
Autumn Writings/calligraphy invitationsDoris Driver
LynnAnn Babuk/Babukink/Oak Park, IL 
Barbara Winnerman Calligraphy 
B Creative/Handwritten Calligraphy Wooden Scroll Invitations
Beautiful Calligraphy by Lianda
Beth Lee/CalliBeth
Bliss Ink
Blooming Quill/Debi/Calligraphic Invitations/WI
Classic Scrolls for Weddings/with Knobs
Calligraphy by Dale
Calligraphy by Katherine/Illinois
Calligraphy Concepts/Monica McInerney
Calligraphics/Linda Salamon

Certificates Etc./calligraphy
Calligraphy-Experts/Enveloppe addressing
Calligraphy Wedding Invitations/JaneParillo
Calligraphy/ Wedding Handmade Invitations/Starr 
Celebration Roundel/Larry Orlando calligraphy
Calligraphy Invites/Monks of Age
Cambridge Calligraphy
City Writes/Kari Jo Cates/stationery
Country Quill
The Delicate Pen/Jane Labanz/ invitations
Elegant Pen/Spencerian Penmanship
Elsje Weir Invitations/South Africa
Envelope Addressing /Joyce Teta/Calligraphy
Daryl Redekopp /CalligraphicDesign/WI
Doug Burns/DWB & Company/calligraphy placecards
Dreamweaver Calligraphy
Eddens Letterpress NYC/calligraphy services
Gail Brill Designs/Calligraphy
Gerald Moscato/Calligraphic Variations
Harriet Rose Calligraphy & Design
Heather Victoria Held,/spencerian script
Hil-Ink Calligraphy/Hilary Williams
Holly Monroe Calligraphy & Design
Invitations & Calligraphy by Miriam
Invitations & Calligraphy by Laura
Islenet Design/Kimberly Isle
Jamie Risley-Hall/Calligraphy Studio
Jan Script/Invitations
Jane Parillo Scribe /Wedding invitations calligraphy
Jenny Hooke /Wedding Calligraphy
Joanne Kluba/Wedding Menus & Love Letters
J.R.Rosen Studio/Bob Goodwin
Kaleidakolor/Margaret Harber/NYC Calligraphy &Printing
Kathy Milici /24 karat designs
Karen Shader Designs/Seating Scrolls
Laura Hooper Art/calligraphy/California
Laurels Letters/Laurel Siegmund
Letter Perfect Calligraphy 
Letters with Expression
Liz Roessler/Boston Calligraphy
Marcella's Pen Calligraphy/Marcella Wegiel 
Margaret DiPiazza Ink/NYC
Matters of the heart
Michaels' Invitations/Calligraphy
Michael Noyes/CalligraphyNotes
M Johnson Design/Fine hand Lettering/San Luis Obispo,CA
Nancy Howell/New York
Nan DeLuca/Calligraphy
OneHeartStudio/Calligraphed Boxes
Paperwhite Studio/Erica McPhee
Pen and Paper Designs/Linda Pasca/NY
PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving
Pendragon Newport/Maria Thomas
Perfect Day Calligraphy/Angela McLeod
Pointed Pen/Gwen Weaver
PristinePen/Karen Baker/Calligraphy
Prose & letters/Cari Ferraro
Quill boy/Dave Kuhr
Real Card Studio
Roann Mathias
RosaScript/ Maria  Thomas of Pendragon Ink 
Rosemary Hall/Hand & Computer addressing
Sally Sanders-Garrett/Calligraphy
Sarandippity/Sara Loesch Frank
Scriptura/Calligraphic Invitations/Store
Scroll Invitations by Demeter
Starr Designs Wedding & Calligraphy
Stephannie Barba/Couture Calligraphy & Stationery
Sterling Calligraphy
Susannah Donahue/Handlettering
Toucan Designs/Wedding Certificates/Sharon Hanse
Valarie Dobbs Calligrapher
Watkins & Watkins
Wolfe,Mary Anne/NYC
Write for You/Judith McCabe
Wedding Certificates/Mary Teichman
Wedding Congratulations Cards/Printery House
WeddingPackage/50th Anniversary-Calligraphy
Wedding Invitations by Scribe/Jane Parillo
Welcome Wedding Boards/Calligraphy
WriteStart/Mary Lou Johnson
XYZink/Calligraphic invitations

21st Century Scribes/Robert Soucie/Invitations/Canada
Calli-Graphic/Guidelines Software

Envelope Addressing by Computer
Computer & Typographic Envelope Addressing/Cynscribe Links
Addressing envelopes/Verse It
Addressing Enveloppes Etiquette
Addressing Enveloppes/First Impression
Addressing Enveloppes/The Wedding Package
Addressing Invitations Properly/J.B.Ink
Address Labels/More than Paper
Artistic Addressing/digital calligraphy addressing
Calligraphy Creations
Calligraphy Ink/Computer addressed envelopes
Cambridge Calligraphy
Custom Computer Services
Custom Stamps
Envelope Addressing/Computer
Inspun Calligraphy/Wedding addressing SALE
Inkspun Calligraphy/Enveloppes/Thank you notes
Inscribe/Lion in the Sun
Somewhere in time

Stylish Addressing
Wedding Package/Envelppe addressing
Wordsmith usa/computer_calligraphy



Cards, Papers & Scrapbooks/Magenta
Cards & Blank invitations/PaperZone
Cards/Single sideds/postcards/blank cards/Paperzone

China Bridal/Invitations
Wedding Congratulations Cards/Printery House
Celebrations Ink
Celtic Wedding Rings/Celtic Jewelry links
C'est Papier

C&J Blank Paper Stock
C&J Wedding CD rom Invitation Kits
Chelsea Paper Company/NYC
Chinese Wedding Invitation
Chocolate invitations/Sandscripts
Christmas Wedding Invitations/Wedding Invitation Store
Classic Communications/Tickelopes,purse,shoe styles
The Complete Wedding Publisher/Print it
Dauphine Press/Letterpress
The Delicate Pen invitations
Design-Station UK/Scroll invitations
Digital Sentiments/CD rom
Distinctive Designs
Documents & Designs/placecards,seating scrolls/Terri Jamison
Easy to print papers
Elegant Handmade Creations
Encore Studios/Wedding Invites
Envelope Collecting Wedding Boxes
Envelope Addressing /Joyce Teta/Calligraphy
Envelope Sets /Blank inner & outer/Cambridge Calligraphy

Envelopments® Pocketfolds/My Gatsby
Envelopments/Remote Assistance
Envelopments/Elegant Handmade Creations/Pocket Folds/NYC
Erickson Design Invitations
Especially for me/Discounts

Fergie's Stationery Studio
Florentina Embossed Invitations
Florentine Covers for Invitations
FlowerSmith Invitations/Discount
Free Wedding Craft Projects
Garden Paper
Glass Engraving/preserve your invitation
Golden Quill Invitations
Graceful Paper/Floral handmade paper

Handmade invites/Individual Papers
Handmade Invitations/Paperwerks
Hand-painted wedding invitations / by Elaine Hasselbach

Hyegraph Invitations/Beautiful Beginnings
Indian Wedding Invitations
Indian Wedding Cards & Invitations
Individual Papers/handmade

Ink and Paper Invitations
Invitations by Ari/Messge in a bottle
Invitation Factory Kits
Invitations First/Vellum
Invitations by Dawn/Free catalog
Invitations by Karina

Invitations Galore
Invitations Judaica--Wedding Invitations/D.Band
Jenny Hooke/Design & Calligraphy
Japanese style/Jade/Inv.
JB Ink/Discounted Invitations 

Jean M invitations
Judaica/Hebrew Links
Julie Holcomb/LetterPress
Just Paper invitations
Kedah Designs/Invitations & Anniversary
KK Network
Krepe Kraft/Embossed invites
Labels/My own Wedding Labels
LCI Paper "The complete Wedding Publisher"

Lindy Designs/Scrolls & Invitations/Programs
lisa hu chen/Design Invitations
Long Folio Program/Invite site
Marry Making/invites & Programs
Martha Stewart/WeddingLinks
Martha Stewart/Wedding Magazine Issues
MarthaStewart Gothic wedding links
MarthaStewart/The Wedding List/Consultants
MaryAnnBoehm/New Orleans
Medieval Renaissance Wedding Sites

MEDIEVAL scribe invitations
Medieval Wedding themes
Medieval Invitation themes/PlaygroundZero
Message Scrolls/unique wedding scrolls

Miniature Colored Frames/Beverly Clark
Monks of Age Wedding Invitations
Monogram Stickers/M.Stewart
Monograms/Embroidery alphabets/Elaine Rieck
Monogram Folded Notes/Kate's
Monograms/Madison Signatures/matchbooks  & Stickers
 Monogram Pochette Stickers (Gold & Silver)
Montreal Wedding Links
More than Paper
The Momenti d'Amore Collection
Mrs. John L. Strong Fine Stationery/NYC/engraving
MVS Wedding Invitations 
My Gatsby/Unique Invitations
My Own Labels/wedding labels
My Personal Artist/Michele Bukutts
Natural Impressions
Net1 Graphic design/Invitations(real flowers)
Now and Forever/Contemporary/Seal n sends
Oblation Papers
ON Paper Invitations
Origins of the Wedding Costume
Our Beginning/invitations
 Our Jewish Wedding/Invitations
Page Letterpress Stationery
Paper Creations/Appleton.WI
Papermints/Invitations & Greeting cards
Papers Newport Stationery/Personalized
Papivore Invitations
Penny Pinchin/How to save $$/ Wedding Tips
Paperwhite Studio/Erica McPhee
Picture Perfect Wedding Invitations
Pocket Fold Designs
Porridge Papers
The PrintShoppe/Personalised items/Imprinting
Pleasant Thoughts Invitations
Renaissance Invitations/Calligraphy by Linda Salamon
Renaissance Writings/Handmade Floral Invites
Sandscripts/invitation kits
Scribe/Renaissance Faire
SLH Creations/Canada
Stephannie Barba/Couture Calligraphy & Stationery

SandScripts/Wedding & favors

Sarah LeClere Original Invitations
Scottish Wedding  Links
Scrapbook/Wedding sheets
Scribe's Delight/Handmade Invitations & Supplies
Seal 'n Send  Invitations/Wedding Helpers
Seal 'N Send/Invitations 411

Seating Arrangement®
Serendipity Invitations

Silk Flower Wedding Invitations/by GRAFCOMM

Something Different Invitations by Carlson Craft
LA Stamperia /LetterPress Invitations
Starr Designs Wedding & Calligraphy
Stickers for Envelopes/Creative Designs
Table  Tent Cards by Hil-ink
Thoughts & Best Wishes/Frames
Traditional Scottish Weddings
Traylor Papers
Ultimate Wedding Internet Guide
Ultimate Wedding/Designer Collection 
Verse It
Victoria Park Weddings

White Aisle invitations
William Arthur/Fine Stationery
Wedding Cards/Free E-Cards
Wedding Invitations/Wedding Helpers
Wedding invitations/ Scottish and Irish themes.
Weddings by Dezign/Scrolls
Weddings by Stephanie
Southern New England Weddings
Xpressions/Scroll invitations
You're Invited/ Tailored invitations/Wedding & Birth

Place Cards & Holders

Blank sheets to Print your own Place Cards

Blank Place cards/Alfa Weddings
Bliss Ink/Unique Placecards
Butterfly placecards/Wedding favorites
MenuTiles�/Reusable ceramic menu boards
Cambridge computer calligraphy/placecards
Chocolate Place cards/Sandscripts
Chocolate place cards
Crane Stationery/Placecards
Dauphine Press/customized escort and place cards
Documents & Designs/Places cards & Menus
Dress placecards
Jane Weddings/Place card holders/seashells
Letterpress placecards/Wedding Tulle� Company
Vellum Overlay Monogrammed Place Cards/White Aisle
Place Card ENVELOPMENT/Remote Assistance
Place card Etiquette/About
Place cards with gold pins
PenDance Calligraphy & Engraving
Pendragon Newport/Calligraphy handpainted
Pewter Place Holders/ Chairs,Teacups,shoes etc./Serendipity
Pewter or Gold/Chair holders/Bridal Shower Favors/SALE
Place Card Holders /Adirondack Chair
Place card holders/Gold chairs/Advantage Bridal
Place Cards & Favor Frames
Place Cards frames/Favors By Lisa
Place card frames/Bridal Shower favors
Antique pewter brushed placecard frames /Free palcecards
Place cards/paper linen chairs/ mini frames/Brides Treasures
Place cards/Color by Design
Place Cards/Lettering Design/D.Reelitz-Bell
Placecard holders/Weddings by Dezign
Place Cards/Marie Versailles
Place Cards/Wedding Frames
PlaceCards/Frames/Beverly Clark
Place Cards/The Knot
Place Cards & Calligraphy favors/chair holders/SouthBeach
Place Card Holder/Deckled Edge cards/Lindy Design
Placecard holders/Glimmers/Twinking lights/heart & star
PlaceTiles� /Wedding Frames
PlaceTiles�  Designs/ceramic placecards reusable
Place Tiles/Soiree Boutique
Plantable Place cards & Favors/Andover Accents
Quilling Paper Filigree/Papieroles/Place cards
Renaissance Writings Placecards
Rumors/Placecards & Gifts/Personalized
Sandscripts/Decorative Placecards/print your own
Scroll Place Cards/Ink Curves
Sea Shell Placecards 
Seating Arrangement®
Self-standingPlacecards/leafs/topiaries/Wedding Tulle
Serendipity Favors/Silver Goblet Place card Holders
Shells Place card holders/The Knot
Teacup placecards
Teapot cardholders/large variety/That special Favor
Tiny Topiary Placecard Holders 
Twinrocker Handmade/Placecards & Envelopes
Ultimate Wedding Online/Placecard holders
Unique Favors/Placecard holders
Wax Inspirations/Leaf
Wedding Favorites
Place Cards, Table Cards & Menus
WedThings/Placecard holders
William Arthur Wedding - Placecards
6 Purse Placecardettes /JulyHome

Seating Scrolls

Classic Scrolls for Weddings/with Knobs
Guest List Signature Scrolls/Pristine Pen
Jamie Risley-Hall/Calligraphy Studio
Karen Shader Designs/Seating Scrolls
Pristine Pen/Karen Baker
RosaScript/ Maria  Thomas of Pendragon Ink
Scroll in a Box
Scroll Kits/Ink Curves
Seating Arrangement®Software
Seating Chart/Natural Impressions
Seating Scrolls/J.R.Rosen/
Seating Scrolls/Kelly Jefferson
Seating Scroll/Jan Boyd
Seating Scroll & CALLIGRAPHY /Jane Parillo
Seating Scrolls/By Dale
Seating Scrolls/Favors by Lisa
Seating Scrolls/Pristine Pen/Karen Baker
Seating Charts/Terri Jamison/Computer Calligraphy
Seating Charts/Spence Calligraphy
Seating Charts/Starr Designs
Table Numbers/Documents & Design
Time Capsules/The Signature Scroll
Time capsules Inc.
Timeless Collectibles/Wedding Inv. shadow box
Wedding Scottish Scrolls
Writer's Camp/Handmande Invitations
Write for you/Calligraphy wedding essentials/Judith McCabe
Writing Your Wedding Thank You Notes /software

Wedding Albums & Guestbook kits/Madmoon Creations
Wedding 50thAnniversary Invitations/Stationery

Wedding Crafts
Wedding Catalogs/Orders
Wedding Coloring Album
Wedding Details/tips for invitations/Links
Wedding Favors
Wedding Guide
Wedding Idea
Wedding Invitations by Scribe
Wedding Invitation Issue/Calligraphy/John Neal
Wedding Invite/Certificates/Mark Art
Wedding Journals/Albums/Rag & Bone
Weddings Links
Wedding Links Galore
Wedding Stickers for scrapbooking

Wedding Creative Themes/Serendipity
Wedding & Anniversary Personalized Prints
Weslyn Computer Calligraphy/invitations

Verses/Wording links


Aphids/Wedding & Toast quotations
The Art of Love Marriage Covenant®
BABY/Wording for invitations
Bar Mitzvah wording samples
Bcreative calligraphy/Wording samples
Celtic Wedding Vows
Crane's Blue book/phrases & etiquette
Documents & Designs/Verses & Vows
Gaddis Designs/Wording samples
Graceful Papers/Wording samples
Inspirations For Messages
Invitation Consultants/wording
Invitations 4 less/Wording
List of wording samples/Color by Design
Marriage Poems for Free 
Name Change Kit..
 New Bride Name Change Kit
Popular Wedding Poems & Quotes For Invitation Texts
Studio- Z Mendocino
Thank You verses
Traditional & Contemporary Wording/WedPlan
Verse It
Wedding Card phrases/Edys
Wedding/ Classic Toast
Wedding phrases for Cards/Poems
Wedding Poems & Verses/DesignStation
Wedding toast/Groom
Wedding Vows/K.Shader
Wedding Verses, Poems, Sample Texts, and Etiquette
Wedding Verses for Invitations

Wedding Certificates

Anniversay Certificates
The Art of Love Marriage Covenant®
Beautiful Calligraphy/Certificates by Lianda
Certificates Etc./calligraphy
Family Wedding Certificates 
FloridaBay Concepts/Wedding, Birth and Promise
Lilacs Wedding Certificate

Illuminated Certificates of Marriage/Risa Gettler
Inspirational scrolls/Scrollmaker
Message Scrolls�/Australia

Mika's Wedding/Victorian Certificates
Plymouth Rock Wedding Certificates - Calligraphy
Prose & Letters/Calligraphy certificate
Quaker Wedding Certificates/Jennifer Snow Wolf
Romance Marriage Certificates/Wedding Helpers
Roses Wedding Certificate 
Thank You Scrolls
Victorian Birth Certificates
Victorian House/Certificates & Family Charts
Victorian Wedding Certificates
Wedding Certificates/P.Bennett
Wedding Certificates/Hawaii
Wedding Certificates& Cards/Hawaii
Wedding Certificates/HeartScroll
Wedding Certificate/vows/Heirloom Artists
Wedding Certificates/Calligraphica
Wedding Certificates/Cari Ferraro
Wedding Certificates/Dutch,Pennsylvania
Wedding Certificates/Calligraphy/Karen Shader
Wedding Certificates/Calligraphy/Mary Teichman
Wedding Certificates/Mika's 
Wedding Certificates/Planner's Guide
Wedding Certificates/Stewart J.Thomas/Palmstone

Wedding Certificates/Documents & Design
Wedding Certificates/Amazing Invitations
Wedding Congratulations Cards/R.Mathias
Weddings, Etc. by Flo/Certificates
Wedding Helpers/Romance Marriage Certificates
Wedding Invite/Certificates/Mark Art
Wedding Love Agreement/EuniqueExpressions

Wedding wording etiquette/Renner
Wedding Favors/Pens amp Bases
Wedding Customs from Around the World
Wedding by Dezign/Favors

Wedding Invitation/ Print it Kit/Gaddis Design
Wedding Invitations by Miriam
Wedding Invitation Savings/article,tips
Wedding Invitations and Greeting Cards/Green EN
Wedding& Memorial/Cards

Wedding Prints/Beyond Words Script/DeCollibus
Wedding Proposal/Artwork
Wedding Scrapbook/Jinni Bick
Wedding Scrolls/Compassionate Expressions
Wedding Thank You scrolls/Joyce Teta
Wedding Wax Seal Gifts
Wedding Faux wax seals

Wording samples/Gaddis Design
Wedding stationery/Helena's Wedding Invitation 
Wedding Vows/K.Shader

Free wedding invitation Templates
Wedding & Marriage Sites ( Top 100 )
Wedding Advice
Wedding Crafts/projects
Wedding Virtual E-cards
Dont Forget/Links
Wedding Orders

WebRings/Ultimate Wedding Link Exchange
WebRing/Today's Wedding
Medieval and Renaissance Brides /WebRing
Top 100 Wedding sites


Gifts/Various Favors

Address Labels/Calligraphy/Ruth Schellbach
Address labels/More than Paper
Address labels Handlettered/Kathryn Hart
Adesso Polaroid Photo Guestbooks
Affairs remembered

A Gift of Poetry/inspirational poems

Alphabet Stencils
Alicia Tormey Design/Gift enclosures
American Bridal
American Historic Society/Gifts
Angel Gifts
Anniversary Keepsake plates
Ashmont Engraving
Authentic Models/Writing Instruments
Bag Toppers/Alesa Baker
Barking Boxes
Beaucoup/Wedding favors
Bellenza/Wedding heart-Favors
Beverly Clark collection
Bliss Weddings Market/favors
Bookmark Kits/Japanese
Bordering Baroque/albums,pillows
Boxtique/Beautiful Boxes
Boxes/Wedding favors/Michaels
Boxes/The Favor Box
Signature Gift Box and Gift Card Ensemble
Bridal Bags by Helene
Bubbles/Heart  Bottle Bubbles - Box of 24
Carl W.Lemke/Heraldic Jewelry
Cathie Hulme/Apron & Holdall
Calligraphy Pen Sets/Quincy shop
"Calligraphy Expressions Beverage Sets" /napkins
Calligraphy Illuminated letter/Sheryl Phipps
Calligraphy Pens/Gifts & Albums/Collage
Calligraphy & Sealing Wax/Gift set
Calligraphy T-Shirts/J.Stevens
Calligraphy Traveler's Chest
Candles-Personalized/Wax Inspirations
Verses for Candles
Candles/Crosses/Cathedral Art Metal Co.
Candle Scent/Crystal dipped candles
Candles/ Verses/SLH Creations/Canada
The Printed Candle
Candles/Heart Poem/The Knot
Unity Candles and Candle Holders

Card Boxes/That special Favor
Card Boxes and Money Holders/Wedding Accessories
Card boxes/ Wedding Keepsake Boxes & Journals
Card Holder/Birdcage

Scented Candles and Candle Holders
CDs Gift Favor-Personalized Wedding CD Gifts
Clear Plastic Boxes/WR Display
Cozy Candles
Cards by Anne
Celtic Attic/gifts
Celtic Lady/Gifts
Celtic ,Irish,Scottish jewelry, /Celtic merchant
Ancient Celtic Giftwrap Paper
Chinese Seal Carvings
Christmas Advent  Calendar/M.Shepherd
Claddagh Rings & Charm Rings /Dublin
Cups & Globlets/Celtic/Wedding
Custom  Engraved gifts/GuntherGifts
Dena Marie Bridal
Dennis P. Jordan /Collage Poststamps
Custom Desk Seals
Deluxe Calligraphy sets
DHP Ornaments/handmade paper
Ebay/Online Auction
Embroidered Envelope/Lynne Nicoletti
English Faire
Engravable Gifts
Engraving wine bottle & glasses/PenDance Calligraphy 
Epstein Calendars
Family appreciation gifts/Wedding Helpers
Family Medallion/Candles & Gifts
Favors favors
Favors by Wedding Tulle
Favors by Lisa/Seating scroll
Favord by Serendipity

Flaxart/journals & papers
Papers for your every need, fine stationery and al

For all Occasions/favors
Frame your day/Custom framed Wedding Invitations
Kates' Paperie/NYC
The Knot
GIANT GLASS URN/Martha Stewart
Gifts of Gratitude/Favors & Stationery
Gifts of gratitude/Box Collection
Gingher Shears /fancy scissors
"Giulio Giannini & Son"/made in Firenze
Gracestone Calendars
Gratitude Gifts/little boxes
Greeting Cards,handmade/KQ Studio

Guest Books/Studio Daedre
Guest Books/The Knot
Guest book Heart shape/The Knot
Guestures/Signatures in a frame Guestbook
Adesso Polaroid Photo Guestbooks
Modern Bride/article about guestbooks
Michael C. Fina/NYC 
Polaroid Guest book
Wedding Wishes Guest book

Flaxart/Writing instruments

Handpainted Earthenware/Personalized/Blessings

Heart goblets and wedding glasses/Renaissance & Medieval
Hill Monastic library /Cards ampGifts Online

Hortense B Hewitt/favors
Howard Imprinter
Impressions by Briana/Ribbons & Napkins
Inspirational Stained Glass Gifts /Glassy Lady
Jenni Bick/Bookbinding gifts
Journals & Albums/K.Schweizer
Journals & Albums/On Paper
JudaicaCalligraphy Gift
Kardella Kreations/Decorative Items
Kool  Print
The Kreate-a-bag® Gift Bag Making System
Keapsake Favors

Limoges for you Boxes/Handpainted monograms
Living Victorian Gift Shop/waxseals,embossers 
Love Spoons/personalized/The West End  Wedding Shop /UK
NameMe Calligraphy/Gifts & Mugs
Napkins/Silken Rice Papers
Napkins/ "Initial It" Pre-printed monogrammed Masslinn 
Napkins/"Symbols of Life"/Chinese Calligraphy
Natural Impressions Favors/paper cone  bouquets
Nibs & Penholders/Italy,Rubinato
Night Lights/design your own/Martha Stewart
NoteCards & RubberStamps/AdamZ
NuCentury Reflections/Tracing
Nuptial Knick knacks
Made in Firenze/Il Papiro
Margels Gift shop/Calligraphy quotes

MarthaStewart Handmade card Kits

Marilyn's Wedding Keepsakes
Medieval Leather journal
Medieval T-Shirts/Golden Gryphon
Michael Noyes/CalligraphyNotes
Mini Love Spoons.
Miniature Brides Tree Christmas wedding decorations
Miniature Painting Calendars
Miniature Editions/Special Favors
Monetary Chest/Weddings
Money Holders/Wedding Accessories
My Own Labels
Mystic Caravan/Celtic Seals& Gifts

My Wedding Favors
New Year & Wedding Glass Ornaments/Letterforms
New York City Weddings

Next Tag/Search engine for Shoppers/Compares

The Papery
Paper Treasures/
Pen & Ink Home sketch
Pen Holders/The Knot

Pen Holders/Ultimate weddings

Pen holders/Affairs remembered
Pens/Wedding Things
 Personalized Wedding Bibles/Covenant Arts

Personalised Candles Designs
Personalized Handmade Paper Notecards/Starr Designs
Personalized Note Pads
Personalized Pillows/CheryLane
Personalized Plaques by Phyllis
Personalized wedding favors

Personalized Wedding Seals
Pewter Globets/Celtic Rose
Plantable Place cards & Favors/Andover Accents

Plaques/Wedding Plaques poems/marble
Plates/Platters/Anniversary & Wedding Gifts/Calligraphy
Plume Pens/American Wedding
Prints Initials Seals/NostalgicImpressions
The PrintShoppe/Personalised items/Favors
Puzzle/Wedding themes & photos
Online Florist Hawaii Weddings
Ornaments/Calligraphy/Leslie Tardy
Quality Wedding Frames & Albums 
Quill White Plume Pen with Filagree Base
Quincy Art/Journals & Diaries
Quotes/Little Jewel of Calligraphy/D.Bailey
Rainbow Calligraphy

Rosemary Company/Favors
Save the date stickers/personalized/Felix Doolittle
Scroll Kits/Ink Curves

Seashells/table favors/place holders/Jane Weddings

Stickers/for albums/wedding themes
Rigby Trade Limited 
RingBearer/ personalized pillows/CherryLane
Romantic Gifts/Calligraphy gifts
The Rosemary Company
Rumors/Placecards & Gifts/Engraving
Save the Date/FlipFlops
Scrapbooking for Weddings/K & Company
Set of 6 Porcelain Boxes
ShoeString Prints
Signs for every spot in the house!
Somerset Studio/The Shoppe/Calligraphy gifts
Stampington Art & Crafting Essentials

Stationary Gifts/UK
Tapage/clear adhesive for giftwrapping
Thank you notes &stationery/Cynscribe
That Special Favor
The Supply Side/Exhibition/Trade shows
TIME Capsules/Wedding & Baby
Timeless frames
Timeless Frames Shadow Box Line
Unique Favors
Ultimate Wedding Favors
Venetian Glass Handle Wax Seal
Victorian Stationary
VictorianGift Shop/Seals
Victorian Boutique/Seals

WallWords/Quotations on your walls
Watch/Gothic letters

Wax Seal Specials/English Faire
Websites for your Wedding/Tying-the-Knot
Wed Things
Wedding Accessories
Wedding Cards/Free E-Cards
Wedding Cameras

Wedding cups /Toasting glasses
Weddings Etc/favors
Wedding Family Tree/OlsonGraphics
Wedding Favorites/Favors
Wedding Outlet
Wedding Personalized Porcelain plate/Clay Designs
Wedding Prints/Calligraphy Personalized/Creatings
Wedding Quilt 

Wedding Website Designers/links
Wedding Wishes Guest book
Wedding Zone
World of Presents
Wrapping decorative papers/Paperfection
Wrapping Decorative Papers/Kate's Paperie
Wrapping paper/Alphabétique/Chicago
European Giftwrap
Writing Instruments/Calligraphy/FlaxArt
Writing Instruments/SourceOne Gifts
Writing Journals/My back yard
Writing Salon /Calligraphy/cards,pens,inkwells
Xandyr Gifts directory
Your Name in Chinese calligraphy

Supplies Card Making

Logo font above is "Water brush" Rob Leuschke

Calligraphy  Associations,Guilds & Societies
around the World



Other World Art Guilds


Past Cynscribe Newsletters for your viewing!

Cynscribe #1
Cynscribe#2 Cynscribe#3

Currency converter 


The Zapf Scholarship Fund


Denis Brown,
Ireland/CD Rom QuillSkill


Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /USA
Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /Canada
Illuminating the Word: Making of the Saint John's Bible /UK
by Donald Jackson(Author),Christopher Calderhead (Designer),Jerry Kelly (Designer)


Specializes in Calligraphy books & supplies
Letter Arts Review

Magazine for calligraphers and lettering artists,
reflects the highest caliber of work
from every corner of the world

Bound & Lettered 
(formerly Tabellae Ansatae)

The Technique of Raised Gilding $24.95
by Jerry Tresser

Johannes A. Muess:
Lettering designs based
on the Roman Model



Book Arts/Calligrapher list
Nobel Diploma Scribes

The World of Alphabets by Hermann Zapf; CD-ROM
 Calligraphic Type Design in the Digital Age :Hermann Zapf


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