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Articles on Lettering
St-Johns's Bible/Donald Jackson


The Saint John's Bible trip to Rome May 2004
 with Donald Jackson

toll free at 866-763-3345 or local 320-363-5964

 or you may email at:

The Wells College Book Arts Center/Lecture by Donald Jackson/Apr 2004

Women Illumination the word/St John's Bible/PDF file

A handwritten NRSV with calf skin parchment
employs ancient art of calligraphy/Jason Kane c. 2006 
Drawing on the Past for New Bible/Jason Kane c. 2006 

Lindisfarne Lecture Review/Michelle Brown & Ewan Clayton

Inscribing the Word Smitsonian Magazine/Dec 2000

An Ancient Art Recreated for Today
Prose and Letters : The Story of Writing

Copying the Bible like a medieval monk

BBC Wales TV program

BBC Wales/Press release 

Calligrapher transcribes Psalms into illuminated manuscript 
By Joseph Young 

The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century

Bible Pages Shed Light on the Arts of Illumination and Calligraphy 



Calligraphy,Lettering &
Typeface Design/Julian Waters

 The importance of passing on the 'great legacy' of calligraphy/Sheila Waters

Where Type DesignsCome From /Larry Brady

By Carol Murphey 

"History of Learning to write" by Ewan Clayton/ PDF file

A Scribe�s Treasure: Calligraphy in the San Francisco Public Library
By John Prestianni 

The origins of Spencerian Script/Brian Walker, UK 

Ann Hechle: calligraphy as experiment, expression, and vocation
By Sophie Heath

Viking Answer Lady/Calligraphy

The Art of Bookbinding / Joseph W. Zaehnsdorf


The Significance of Writing/ancient Egyptians 

A reflection given by Arie Trum from The Netherlands/Carmelite Scroll

Reed College/Alumni Magazine:Lloyd Reynolds
"Dance of the Pen"

Typography in Book Design
Doyald Young/Letterforms & Logotypes/Book

Graceful Envelope/Is the Computer Mightier than the Pen?By Dru  Sefton,2001

The Letter A/

Ingenious Hebrew Letter Forms 
Making The Alphabet Dance 

'Lessons in Ornamental Penamsnhip' by PZ Bloser /Zanerian

Illuminated initial caps/by Fred Showker
Manipulating a calligraphic  font
Design & Publishing Online Newsletter 
&Type!/Articles/ Calligraphy section

 Penmanship, From Palmer to Palm Pilot  / Jyoti Thottam

Servi Textus: Servants of the Text 1996

Pen People Magazine /UK

A brief history of scriptoria/evolution of the book

Forty Centuries of Ink/ by David N. Carvalho 

How to make ink:Recipes and instructions/Library of Congress
/ by Cyntia Karnes

How Gold Leaf is made

The Modern Calligraphy Collection of the National Art Library
at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England/Rowan Watson

Make a medieval book/PDF 

Father Catich/Man of Letters/by Julie Jensen

 Creating Calligraphy based designs on the computer/Ray Ritchie

Gottfried Pott � A Look into the World of Calligraphy

Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts at Princeton University Library/C.Skimmer

Brody Neuenschwander/Letters in Motion/John D. Berry. 

National Archives to Feature a Calligrapher :Brody Neuenschwander

Teaching the Medieval Book in Holland

Calligraphy as a Business/ James Bennett

Sumerians created cuneiform writing

The Power of Writing/National Geographic

Remembrance/Gertrude Carrier

Calligraphy/John Stevens

"Computer-Aided Calligraphy" by G.Thompson

"Hand Lettering in the age of Computers"  by:Paul Green

Photoshop "Zen of the Pen" pen tool tutorials

Iceland's Earliest Writings/article

Is the Computer Mightier Than the Pen? by Dru Sefton

Logo Designs/tips/Ars Logo Design

"Lettering Divisive Passion" by Gunnlaugur SE Briem
What works in a classroom/by G.Briem

Calligraphy Practice tips/Houston Calligrpahy Guild

"The Forgotten Letter" by Mark Goodin

Photographing Your Artwork© 1999 Nita Leland
Arty Articles

Letter Arts Book Club
Newsletter/articles on Calligraphy

Dear Arrighi column/DeAnn Singh


Article by Jill Bell

"A brief review of some historical alternatives to the
Latin alphabet" by N.Fabian 

The Modern Calligraphy Collection 
Of The National Art Library At 
The Victoria And Albert Museum, London, England
by Rowan Watson

"The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"
by W.Benjamin

"Is Creative Art in Design Really Needed  in the Day of Electronics?"
by Hermann Zapf 

What is Type?
Typologia/Book online
by F.Goudy

A Few Notes on Legibility of Typefaces By Herman Zapf

Vellum vs Parchment/R.Casavin

The PaperWeb/Articles/Newsletter

Paper:The Warp and the Woof of it

Pushing the Envelope/National Postal Museum

The International Museum
of Collages/articles

Revival of calligraphy (19th and 20th centuries) 

Britannica/Articles/History of Writing

Color & Calligraphy/Schminke inks/Patricia Lovett

Japanese artist specializes in Arabic

The Art of Flourishing/Manitoba Guild

The Illustrated Book/Minsky

1-The Art and Science of Handwriting/
2-The Acquisition of a Second Writing System /
by Dr.Rosemary Sassoon

Alphabet archeology.
Dr. John R. Skoyles

"Prevent Computer related injuries"
Eye Exercises

Who is William Morris?

Bernard Maisner 
Exhibit highlights use of visual images, written words 

The Language of Forms - Gottfried Pott/
by Karny Vorona

Works of Art on Paper

Preserving Memories:
Caring for Your Heritage

Preservation and Storage 

Printing Processes/Articles

What did Gutenberg Invent?BBC
Gutenberg Bible Goes Digital/NPR

The Ink Compendium

Writing Instruments Society/articles
Driftwood pen holders/Sea pens

How to make iron gall ink/Cyntia Karnes
Forty Centuries of Ink, by Carvalho

Links How-to Articles/ by Elyse Boucher

Freedom of the City Scroll
(for Hillary Clinton)
by Dunleavy Designs

Scripta Manentor Writing About Applied art

the Estonian Institute 2000

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